Declassification Analysis:  More Grist for the Mill


What follows is a list of documents from the period 1945-63 that were declassified in more than one way, together with links to copies of variant versions of the documents in question.  This list is obviously not complete.  A large number of such documents can be found.  But these happen to be the documents I found in the collection I had accumulated when I was doing the research for my book A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963.  I’m making it available for the convenience of people interested in seeing what can be learned by comparing documents that have been sanitized in different ways at different times and by different declassifiers.  It thus supplements the webpage on “Declassification Analysis” I posted in 1999 as a supplement to the Constructed Peace book.


As for sources, if a document is from the State Department’s Foreign Relations of the United States series [FRUS], the reference information can be found on the first page of the link.  For documents from the Declassified Documents Reference System [DDRS], the source can be found by doing a full text search for some phrase from the document on the DDRS website.  The remaining documents are ones I’ve scanned myself from paper copies;  the references are generally marked at the bottom of the page, using abbreviations I gave in the book, pp. 403-405.  (“NSA” means the document comes from the National Security Archive Berlin File.)  Sometimes, however--for example, when I copied documents from the State Department Central Files--the original reference number was stamped on the page.  Also, if the fact that variant versions of the document exist was discussed in that book, I give the page and footnote number in the corresponding listing below  (e.g., CP 166n.77).  Finally, I should note that in the case of many of these scanned documents, the last two digits in the filename indicate the date of declassification.


The documents I scanned were often marked up (by me) after xeroxing.  One of my goals in doing so was to show which passages have been sanitized out of other versions of the same document.  Also, in the list that follows, I generally put the “bad,” or more highly sanitized version, first, with the “good,” or more complete version, following.  When I refer to the “full” version below, that just means the more complete version.  In the full version some material is sometimes still missing.







List of Documents


Eisenhower notes of Bermuda meeting, December 5, 1953

  sanitized version:  DDRS 1985

  full version: DDRS 1996


Dulles-Adenauer meeting, September 16, 1954

  sanitized: DDRS 1986

  full:  DDRS 1996


Elbrick to Dulles, October 12, 1954.

CP 166n.77

  sanitized: FRUS 1952-54, 5:532

  full: 740.5/10-1254, RG 59, USNA.


Top-level meeting, November 3, 1954

CP 168n.78

  sanitized: FRUS 1952-54, 5:532

  full (first page only):  740.5/11-354, RG 59, USNA.


Goodpaster to Eisenhower, November 16, 1954

CP 177-78 n.119

  sanitized: FRUS 1952-54, 5:533-535.

  full:  decl. 1979.


Dulles-Eisenhower meeting, December 14, 1954

  sanitized: DDRS 1986

  full:  DDRS 1996


Heusinger-Radford meeting, July 9, 1955

  sanitized:  DDEL 1990

  full:  DDRS 1997


Dulles-Mollet-Pineau meeting, May 6, 1957

CP: 222 n.85, 233 n.134

  sanitized: FRUS 1955-57, 27:121

  full: DSP/225/103315/ML

  French version: DDF 1957, 1:738-740


Eisenhower-Dulles meeting, October 22, 1957 (document dated October 31)

CP 177 n.115, 178 n.124

sanitized: FRUS 1955-57, 27:800 (published 1992)

full: AWF/DDE Diaries/27/October 1957 Staff Notes (1)/DDEL (declassified 1982)


Dulles-Brentano meeting, November 21, 1957  (already posted in part in earlier piece on “Declassification Analysis”)

CP 177 n.117 and 210 n.33

  sanitized: FRUS 1955-57, 4:202

  full: 740.5/11-2157, RG 59, USNA. (partial text)


Macmillan to Dulles, January 8, 1959

  sanitized: decl. 1990

  full: decl. following appeal to ISCAP


State-JCS meeting, January 14, 1959

CP 270 n.95

  sanitized version: RG59 (released 1991)

  almost full verson: FRUS (mostly complete, with two interesting deletions on p. 262)

  full version: NSA Berlin File


Dulles phone call to Eisenhower, January 25, 1959

  sanitized:  1991 version

  full:  1993 version


White House conference on Berlin, January 29, 1959

  sanitized: 1986 version

  full: 1991 version


Dulles-Adenauer meeting, February 8, 1959

  sanitized:  FRUS version (two small deletions)

  full version (from DSP) (decl. 1991) (passages missing from FRUS version are marked)


Dulles-Macmillan meeting, March 20, 1959, 11 a.m.; see also FRUS 1958-60, vol. 7, pt. 2, 832ff

  sanitized: DDRS 1987

  less sanitized: FRUS (only one small deletion)

  full: 1992 version (earlier deletions marked). 


Eisenhower-Dulles-Macmillan meeting, March 20, 1959, 3 pm

  sanitized:  DDRS 1989

  full:  1992


Eisenhower-Macmillan meeting, March 20, 1959, 7 pm. (doc. dated March 23)

  sanitized:  1986 version

  full:  1991 version


Dulles meeting with State Dept. officials, April 24, 1959, 4 pm.

  sanitized: FRUS 1958-60, vol. 7, pt. 2, 849, says withheld in entirety

  full: 1991 version


Eisenhower-Herter meeting, May 27, 1959 (doc. dated May 28)

  sanitized (p. 5 only): 1980 version

  full:  DDRS 1991


Eisenhower-Dillon meeting, June 16, 1959 (doc. dated June 19)

  sanitized version:  decl. 1984

  full version:  DDRS 1996


Norstad account of meeting with Adenauer et al., September 10, 1960

  sanitized version: decl. 1992 (Norstad Papers, DDEL, box 90)

  full version:  decl. 1978 (SS/ITM/5/NATO(4) [1959-1960]/DDEL)


Eisenhower-Spaak meeting, October 4, 1960

CP 173 n.99, 214 n.53, and 289 n.16

  sanitized: DDRS 1987

  sanitized: FRUS (published 1993)

  full: SS/ITM/5/NATO(6)[1959-1960]/DDEL (decl. 1979).


NSC meeting, Nov. 17, 1960—lots of examples here

  sanitized:  DDEL 1991

  full: FRUS 1958-60, vol. 7, pt. 1, p. 648ff


Kennedy meeting with Rusk et al., August 3, 1961

  sanitized: 1985 version (JFKL)

  full version:  FRUS


Kennedy to Norstad, October 20, 1961

  sanitized: 1990 version from Norstad Papers, DDEL

  full: NSA version


“US Policy on Military Actions in a Berlin Crisis” (evidently a draft of what would become NSAM 109), October 20, 1961

  sanitized (virtually in toto in 1990—only first page given): probably from JFKL

  full version:  NSA


NSC meeting, November 15, 1961 (doc. dated Nov. 21)

  sanitized version: decl. 1982

  full version: FRUS


Bundy outline for Kennedy's talk to the NSC, January 17, 1962

CP 303 n.62

            full: DDRS 1991. (I can’t find my copy of the 1981 version, but this copy is marked up to show passages sanitized out of that version)


Norstad to Lemnitzer, March 8, 1962: four versions from DDRS






Suggested NATO Nuclear Program, March 22, 1962

  DDRS 1981

  DDRS 1989

  DDRS 1991

  Acheson Papers 1993 (marked up to show material sanitized out of 1991 version)

  FRUS (complete)


Kennedy meeting with top advisors, April 16, 1962

  sanitized: DDRS 1991; same but marked up by me (I was trying to fill in the blanks, just for fun)

  full: FRUS


Bundy memo to JFK on nuclear assistance for France, May 7, 1962

  sanitized:  DDRS 1991

  full: JFKL 1997


Kennedy-Malraux meeting, May 11, 1962

  sanitized:  DDRS 1990

  full: FRUS


NSC meeting, October 22, 1962

  sanitized:  DDRS 1981

  full: DDRS 1992 (marked up to show passages sanitized in 1981)


Kennedy remarks to NSC, January 22, 1963

  decl. 1980

  decl. 1985

  decl. 1997

     Other notes of same meeting:

  decl. 1985

  decl. 1997


NSC ExCom meeting on Europe, Feb. 5, 1963

  sanitized:  DDRS 1991

  full: FRUS


NSC ExCom meeting on NLF, Feb. 12, 1963

  sanitized: decl. 1991 (7-line deletion on pp. 8-9)

full version: FRUS.


Kennedy-Harriman meeting, July 10, 1963

  sanitized version: decl. 1985

  full version:  FRUS


Kennedy meeting with Rusk et al., July 22, 1963

  sanitized version: decl. 1985

  full version: FRUS


Kennedy meeting with key advisors, July 23, 1963

  sanitized version: decl. 1985

  full version: FRUS


Kennedy-Couve de Murville meeting, October 7, 1963

  heavily sanitized version (only non-sanitized portion copied): decl. 1978

  less heavily sanitized version: decl. 1985

  full version: FRUS


Ball-Couve meeting, October 8, 1963

  sanitized version (only pp. 1-2; p. 3 sanitized in full, not copied):  decl. 1978?

  full version: RG59