Society for Comparative Research/ Center for Comparative Social Analysis, UCLA

               First International Graduate Student Retreat for Comparative Research

                                                                    May 8-9, 1999, Los Angeles

Funded by the Mellon Foundation Triple Transition Seminar Series.

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Saturday, May 8

9:30- 10:00

Plenary Session : 1648 Hershey Hall

Round-table on new trends in comparative research

Chair: Ivan Szelenyi (UCLA)

Participants: Larry Diamond (Stanford), David Stark (Columbia)


Saturday, May 8

A : 1628 Hershey Hall


Politics and Culture

Fried Gabriela (UCLA, Sociology)

"On Remembering and Silencing the Past -- the Adult Children of the Disappeared in the Southern Cone of Latin America"

Keary, Anne (UC Berkeley, History)

"Christian Missionaries, Colonial Knowledge, Contested Geographies -- A Study of Protestant Missionizing and Colonialism in New South Wales and Oregon Territories in the Nineteenth Century"

Martinez, Sarah (UCLA, Political Science)

"Changing Campaign Strategies in Mexico:  The Effects of Electoral Reforms on Political Parties"

Zalanga, Samuel (University of Minnesota, Sociology)

"Ruling Elite Coalitions and State Bureaucratic Capacity: Accounting for Developmental and Predatory States in Malaysia and Nigeria"

Discussant: Carlos Waisman (UCSD)

11:45-12:15 Lunch Break
1648 Hershey Hall


Economy I: institutions/institutional change

Niu, Hui (University of Minnesota, Sociology)

"The Issue of Human Agency in the Reform of State Enterprises in China"

Guseva, Alya (UC San Diego, Sociology)

"The Role of Trust in the Russian Credit Card Market"  (click here to view tables)

Discussant: David Stark (Columbia)


Economy II

Ellison, David (UCLA, Political Science)

"Of Wool and Sheep: The Return to Europe"

Horne, Cynthia (University of Washington, Political Science)

"The Politics Behind the Application of Antidumping Laws to Nonmarket Economies: Distrust and Informal Constraints"

Kemeny, Szabolcs (Columbia University, Sociology)

"Flexibilities and Trust: Production Markets and Role Production in the Hungarian Economic Transformation"

Discussant: Akos Rona-Tas (UCSD)



Biradavolu, Monica Rao (Duke University, Sociology)

"Uneven Globalization? Organizational Networks and India’s Niche in the Global Software Industry"

Hargittai, Eszter (Princeton University, Sociology)

"Weaving the Western Web"

(click here to view Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5)

McMullen, Shannon (UC San Diego, Sociology)

"From Steel Mills to Shopping Malls: Changing Social Relations in the Wake of Deindustrialization in Two Old Industrial Regions"

Nakagawa, Trevor (UC Berkeley, Political Science)

"The Future of European Software: European Software Responses to Globalization"

Discussant: Rebecca Emigh (UCLA)

Saturday, May 8

B: 1620 Hershey Hall


Ethnicity/National Identity/Immigration

Benson, Rodney (UC Berkeley, Sociology)

"The journalistic construction of the American and French immigration public debates: 1973-1994"

DeFay, Jason (UC San Diego, Sociology)

"The Garifuna Community of Los Angeles: Ethnicity, Economic Success and Political Organization"

Dierkes, Julian B. (Princeton University, Sociology)

"Great Farmers: The German Nation in Postwar Textbook Portrayals of Agrarian Uprisings"

Valdez, Zulema (UCLA, Sociology)

"Assimilation and Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Koreans and Mexicans in Los Angeles"

Discussant: Ivan Szelenyi (UCLA)

11:45-12:15 Lunch Break
1648 Hershey Hall

Ethnicity/National Identity/Immigration

Jenne, Erin (Stanford University, Political Science)

"Political Opportunism and Ethnic Mobilization: A Triadic Model for Predicting the Ethnicization of Politics in New States"

O'Murchu, Niall (University of Washington, Political Science)

"The Limits of Hegemony -- British Rule and Ethno-national Conflict in Palestine and Northern Ireland"

Stroschein, Sherrill (Columbia University)

"Ethnic Mobilization and Contentious Politics in Romania"

Discussant: Barbara Geddes (UCLA)


Politics II

Schatz-Gutierrez, Sara (UCLA, Sociology)

"Delayed Transition to Democracy in Paternalistic Authoritarian Regimes -- the Case of Mexico"

Elin Skaar (UCLA, Political Science)

Truth Commissions, Trials - or Nothing? Human Rights in Democratic Transitions

Ozler, Serife Ilgu (UCLA)

"Political Institutions and Change in Poverty Policy in the Less-Developed Countries: A Test of the Veto Players Model"

Discussant: Jeffrey Broadbent (University of Minnesota) 

Sunday, May 9

A: 1628 Hershey Hall



Baum, Jeeyang Rhee (UCLA, Political Science)

"The Logic of Presidential Delegation-- a Comparative Analysis of Administrative Procedural Reform in Korea and Tawain"

Kotin, Daniel (UCLA, Political Science)

"The Causes of Government Budget Deficits-- an Empirical Re-examination of Partisan and Institutional Effects"

Magar, Eric (UC San Diego, Political Science)

"Patterns of Executive-Legislative Conflict in Latin America and the US"

Yamanishi, David (UCLA, Political Science)

"Safeguarding Society? The Theory and Practice of Judicial Autonomy and Judicial Independence"

Discussant: Larry Diamond (Stanford)

11:45-12:45 Lunch Break
1648 Hershey Hall


Politics I: Social Movements

Emery, Alan (UCLA, Sociology)

"The Insurgent Origins of Democratization in South Africa"

Morales, Laura Diez de Ulzurrun (Instituto Juan March, Madrid)

"Membership in Political Groups in Western Countries"

(click here for figures)

Pfaff, Steven (New York University, Sociology)

"Explaining Protest Mobilization in Repressive Settings: Lessons from East Germany's Spontaneous Revolution"

Wade, Shawn W. (UCLA, Political Science)

"The Rational Revolutionary-- Organizational and Ideological Recruitment in the Development of Revolutionary Strategy"

Discussant: Rebecca Emigh (UCLA)

Authoritarianism/ Fascism

Kellogg, Michael (UCLA, History)

"Hitler's 'Russian' Connection: White Emigre Influence on the Genesis of Nazi Ideology, 1917-1923"

Riley, Dylan (UCLA, Sociology)

"Intellectuals and the Rise of Mass Politics"

Kulke, Christine (UC Berkeley, History)

"The Communities of L'viv/ Lwow/ L'vov Lemberg, 1939-1953"

Discussant: Gil Eyal (UC Berkeley)


Sunday, May 9

B: 1620 Hershey Hall



Nakajima, Seio (UC Berkeley, Sociology)

"Symbolism of the Middle Classes in Japan and Taiwan: A Comparison"

Stamatov, Peter (UCLA, Sociology)

"State Socialist Omnivores: Distinction Through Leisure Activities in Czechoslovakia, 1984."

Discussant: Jeffrey Broadbent (University of Minnesota)

11:45-12:45  Lunch Break
1648 Hershey Hall



Andreas, Joel (UCLA, Sociology)

"Political and Cultural Capital as Axes of Contention During the Chinese Cultural Revolution"

Hsu, Carloyn (UC San Diego, Sociology)

"Creating Legitimacy: Developing the Institutions of Market Socialism in the People's Republic of China"

Li, Bobai (Stanford University, Sociology)

"Paths to Power: Sponsored Mobility into Socialist Bureaucratic Elite"

Southworth, Caleb (UCLA, Sociology)

"The Making of the Russian Working Class: Workplace Conflict and Economic Development in Post-Soviet Factories of the Urals"

Discussant: Gil Eyal (UC Berkeley)


Gender and Politics

Gheytanchi, Elham (UCLA, Sociology)

"Post-revolutionary Iran: Islamic Feminism and the Crisis of Civil Society"

Korteweg, Anna (UC Berkeley, Sociology)

"Needs Interpretation and the Construction of Female Citizens: New Welfare State Policies in the Netherlands and the United States"

Faison, Elyssa (UCLA, History)

"Female Factory Workers in Japan -- the Toyo Muslin Strike of 1930"

Schalet, Amy (UC Berkeley, Sociology)

"Raging Hormones, Regulated Love -- Adolescent Sexuality and the Constitution of the Modern Individual in the United States and the Netherlands"

Discussant: Ruth Milkman (UCLA, Sociology)



Sunday, May 9


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