The purpose of the Mathematical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA) is to encourage, enhance and foster research, teaching and other professional activities in mathematical sociology, for the development of sociology and the benefit of society, through organized meetings, conferences, newsletters, publications, awards, and other means deemed appropriate by the Section Council. The Section seeks to promote communication, collaboration, and consultation among scholars in sociology in general, mathematical sociology, and allied scientific disciplines.

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  Chair   Phillip Bonacich, University of California- Los Angeles
  Chair-Elect   Douglas Heckathorn, Cornell University
  Past Chair   Jane Sell, Texas A&M University
  Secretary-Treasurer   John Skvoretz, University of South Florida
  Council   James Montgomery, University of Wisconsin- Madison; Matt Salganik, Princeton University; Damon Centola, MIT; Delia Baldassarri, NYU; Amir Goldberg, Stanford University; James A. Kitts, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  Student Member   Mikhail Teplitskiy, University of Chicago
  Newsletter Editors   Pamela Emanuelson, North Dakota State University; Donna Lancianese, The University of Iowa
  Webmaster   Matthew E. Brashears, University of South Carolina
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Outstanding Article Publication Award: (every year) This award honors an article that made an outstanding contribution to mathematical sociology. Eligible articles must have been published during the three years prior to the award year.

Harrison White Outstanding Book Award: (odd numbered years) This award honors a book that has made an outstanding contribution to mathematical sociology. Eligible books must have been published during the four years prior to the award year. This award is given in odd-numbered years. Nominations must come from American Sociological Association members.

James S. Coleman Distinguished Career Award: (even numbered years) The Distinguished Career Award recognizes a lifetime of contributions to the field of Mathematical Sociology. The last award was given to Linton Freeman in 2006. A letter of nomination should outline the candidate's activities of lasting significance in mathematical sociology, conducted over the course of her or his career. The nomination also should include a copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae, and an assurance that the candidate has given permission to be nominated for the award. Nominations must come from American Sociological Association members.

Graduate Student Paper Award: (every year) This award is presented for the best paper written by a graduate student that makes a significant contribution to mathematical sociology. Papers can be published or unpublished. The submission can consist of a dissertation chapter, but not the entire dissertation. The submission must have been written or published during the three years prior to the award year. The author/first author must be a graduate student at the time of submission, and all authors must be graduate students when the paper was written. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome. The graduate student paper award includes $500 to help defray the costs of attending the ASA meetings or other expenses.

Mathematical Sociology Outstanding Dissertation in Progress Award: (every year) This award provides a grant of $1,000 to meet some of the scholarly expenses of a student whose dissertation is still in progress and employs mathematics in an interesting, imaginative or ingenious way to advance sociological knowledge. The applicant should submit a copy of his or her approved dissertation proposal, with a list of any requirements added by the graduate committee. The packet should also include a letter of support from the sponsor, which describes the qualifications of the student for the completed task and the potential importance of the project. The requirements include membership in the ASA and the mathematical sociology section during the period to be covered by the grant.

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