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This website was originally meant to serve as a kind of supplement to my book, A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, February 1999). When it was launched in 1998, it had three main parts, each of which is still included here:

(1) Appendices to A Constructed Peace

(2) A discussion of declassification analysis, one of the methods used in the book, together with some illustrative documents (but a supplement, called “Declassification Analysis: More Grist for the Mill,” containing over 40 documents in multiple versions, was also posted in May 2013); and

(3) A practical guide to doing Cold War history (last revised October 2004).

That guide, however, has effectively been replaced by two appendices to my book The Craft of International History: A Guide to Method (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006):

Appendix I: Identifying the Scholarly Literature. This partly duplicates Part II of the Cold War guide.

Appendix II: Working with Primary Sources. This overlaps with Part III of the Cold War guide.

Those two appendices will be updated about once a year.

This site also contains some other material:

My curriculum vitae (with links to texts of articles, reviews and unpublished papers)

Course materials:

a collection of maps and tables

course websites (including syllabi):

class website for Poli Sci 138A, 19th Century International Politics

class website for Poli Sci 138B, 20th Century International Politics

class website for Poli Sci 120B, The World After 9/11. This course was based on video lectures downloaded from the internet. Direct links to the videos and to most of the readings are on the course website, although some of those links are password-protected and some of those videos had to be removed from the server. If you'd like to see those materials and need a password, please email me at

class website for Poli Sci 220, International Relations Core Seminar (second quarter) (graduate course)

Information on the Historical Society (now defunct), a group I was involved in organizing; and other material about the Historical Society and related issues.

American Historical Association Nuclear Freeze Resolution (December 1982) (from AHA Perspectives, February 1983, p. 3); my letter protesting the adoption of that resolution (from AHA Perspectives, April 1983, pp. 25-26)