The eight appendices listed below deal either with matters of detail or with issues only tangentially related to the main argument in the book. They began their lives as footnotes in the manuscript, but eventually grew so large and unwieldy that I made them into appendices. When the manuscript as a whole had to be cut--I was given a 235,000-word limit--I decided to move them into this internet supplement. The reference system used in the appendices (short titles and all) is the same as the one used in the book and is explained there in the "Sources and Bibliography" section.

Appendix One (Chapter Two, Note 86)
The Potsdam Agreement and Reparations from Current Production

Appendix Two (Chapter Three, Note 74)
The German Threat as a Pretext for Defense against Russia

Appendix Three (Chapter Four, Note 88)
The United States, France and the German Question, 1953-54

Appendix Four (Chapter Six, Notes 18, 144, 148, 152)
The Politics of the Nuclear Sharing Question

Appendix Five (Chapter Seven, Note 121)
The Question of East German Control of Access to Berlin

Appendix Six (Chapter Eight, note 205)
The U.S. Assessment of German Nuclear Aspirations

Appendix Seven (Chapter Nine, Note 122)
U.S. Arms Control Policy under Eisenhower

Appendix Eight (Chapter Nine, Note 134)
Kennedy and the Israeli Nuclear Program