Matsigenka Ethnography


                            The purpose of putting this material on my website is that this manuscript, at over 500 pages, contains much data,
                            including many tables, diagrams, and full texts that could not be included in my forthcoming book, Families of the Forest,
                            (Berkeley:  University of California Press, 2003).  So much detailed information is only really of interest to a handful of
                            scholars, and my hope is that those specialists will find answers to research questions that they could not fully answer from
                            reading the published book.  All these files are copyrighted by Allen Johnson 1999.


                            Table of Contents
                       Becoming Matsigenka:  Development of the Self
                       Being Matsigenka:  Emotional Life in the Family
                       Family and Community
                       Making a Living
                       Glossary of Names
                       References Cited