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Atman Ramchalon

Filmproducer/director and photographer, Atman Ramchalaon, was born in the district of Pamplemouses in Mauritius, in a village called Triolet. He did his schooling at Maheshwarnath Government School and at Triolet College. Thereafter he left Mauritius to join the conservatoire Libre du cinema francais in Paris, where he studied cinematography for 4 years. After that he joined the Berkeley film Institute in California, USA, where he received his certificate in Filmcraftmanship. In 1980, he came to the Netherlands and applied for a subsidy to make his first documentary film. He received a subsidy from the Ministry of overseas development and made an International documentary on the islands of Diego Garcia, which was broadcast in several countries ( BBC, U.K; IKON TV, Netherlands; MBC,Mauritius; Doordarshan, India; BRT, Belgium; and CBS, USA).

Since then Atman is settled in the Netherlands, where he owns a film company. He worked as a producer/ director, and cameraman for several film and TV channels in the Netherlands, Germany, and India. Atman's work in photography has earned him several awards, and he publishes his photographs regularly in leading magazines in the Netherlands and abroad. His recent photo-project in India is produced and distributed by Peeters Foto-Cine company based in the city of Amsterdam.