Abstract for When 'Others' Initiate Repair

Emanuel A. Schegloff: "When 'Others' Initiate 
Repair," Applied Linguistics,21:2, 205-243, 2000.

Early work on repair (Schegloff et al. 1977) had 
proposed that virtually all repair initiated by 
other than speaker of the trouble-source turn was
initiated in the turn following the trouble-source
turn. Such repair often came to be identified with
this locus of initiation, being termed NTRI - an 
acronym derived from 'next turn repair 
initiation'. Subsequent work (Schegloff 1992) 
described another location in which 'other- 
initiated repair' is initiated-termed 'fourth 
position'. This paper revisits this issue and 
elaborates the locus of other-initiated repair. 
It reports on a number of environments in which 
'others' initiate repair in turns later than the
one directly following the trouble-source turn 
(without, however, occupying fourth position), 
and it describes several ways in which other- 
initiation of repair which occurs in next-turn 
position may be delayed within that position. 
These positionings of repair initiation in 
conversation among native speakers of English are
briefly compared with a proposal by Wong that 
other-initiated repair by non-nativespeakers may
regularly be delayed. A postscript suggests the 
prospect that studies of non-native speaker 
participation in talk-in-interaction be treated 
as not separable from the study of talk-in- 
interaction more generally.

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