Abstract for Simplest Systematics for the Organization ofTurn-Taking for Conversation (Language)

Harvey Sacks, Emanuel A. Schegloff and Gail 
Jefferson: "A Simplest Systematics for the Organization of Turn-Taking for Conversation," 
Language, 50, 4 (1974) 696-735 .

The organization of taking turns to talk is 
fundamental to conversation, as well as to other 
speech-exchange systems. A model for the turn- 
taking organization for conversation is proposed,
and is examined for its compatibility with a list
of grossly observable facts about conversation.
The results of the examination suggest that,
at least, a model for turn-taking in conversation
will be characterized as locally managed,
party-administered, interactionally controlled, 
and sensitive to recipient design. Several general
consequences of the model are explicated, and 
contrasts are sketched with turn-taking 
organizations for other speech-exchange systems.

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