Abstract for Practices and Actions: Boundary Cases of Other-Initiated Repair

Emanuel A. Schegloff: "Practices and Actions:
Boundary Cases of Other-Initiated Repair," 
Discourse Processes  23:3, 1997, 499-545.

Working within a naturalistic paradigm for which 
the notion of "practices" is more apt than 
"processes." I address the multiplicity of ties 
between practicesof talk-in-interaction and the
actions which they accomplish. After describing 
common procedures of data collection and 
preparation in this mode of inquiry and the 
"boundary cases" which these procedures may 
engender, I explore alternative actions which can
be recognizably produced by practices of talking
ordinarily associated with the action of 
"initiating repair." Two practices in particular 
are examined: questioning terms etc.) and certain
forms of repeats. As well, I show that in some 
contexts the action of initiating repair can be 
produced by a practice which does not ordinarily
produce it. The moral of the article is that 
situated analysis must go hand-in-hand with more 
formal analysis in order to arrive at satisfactory
accounts of discourse practices, and of discourse
processes as well.

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