Abstract for Notes on a Conversational Practice: Formulating Place

Emanuel A. Schegloff: "Notes on a Conversational
Practice: Formulating Place," in D. N. Sudnow (ed.),
Studies in Social Interaction (New York: MacMillan, 
The Free Press, 1972) 75-119. 

My aim in this essay is twofold. I hope to develop
two problems of conversational analysis, each 
drawn from a different domain of problems. I shall
develop a series of considerations that bear on 
one of the problems, and attempt to use those 
considerations in the understanding of the other. 
I shall proceed by sketching the first problem
having to do with conversational sequencing, the
problem of "insertion sequences," then abruptly
shifting to the other problem, selecting 
formulations, which I shall call the problem of
"locational formulations". Next, a series of 
considerations relevant to the selection of a 
locational formulation will be developed, and
some of those considerations will be brought to 
bear on a piece of data that presents an instance
of an insertion sequence concerned with location,
to show how this insertion sequence is ordered. 
I will try, in several concluding remarks, to 
explicate some underlying themes of the 

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