Abstract for Identification and Recognition in Telephone Conversation Openings

Emanuel A. Schegloff: "Identification and 
Recognition in Telephone Conversation Openings,"
in G. Psathas (ed.), Everyday Language: Studies 
in Ethnomethodology (New York: Irvington 
Publishers, Inc., 1979) 23-78.

In this paper Schegloff considers how parties in a
telephone conversation display and achieve 
identification and recognition of each other,
i.e., manage to show and tell who they each are 
and whether each knows who the other is and 
whether or not he is recognized by the other. The
caller and the answerer are shown to produce and 
use, in their first utterances and turns at talk,
considerable resources for accomplishing the task.
Telephone conversations are particularly valuable 
for dealing with these issues since the speakers
do not have sensory access to each other except 
through their voicesand speaking. Identification
and recognition can be studied as these occur in
the talk-audiotape recordings providing adequate
access to the phenomena.

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