Beginning to Respond

by Emanuel A. Schegloff
& Gene H. Lerner

What You Need For This Page To Work:

  1. The Flash Player plug-in for your browser. If you do not have flash installed, simply go to
  2. A Macintosh computer or PC equipped with a sound card.

To hear the sound for the paper, click on the appropriate excerpt on the right.

Using the the buttons on the Flash Player panel, you can rewind and play the sound clips again.

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What Could Go Wrong

  1. If the sound doesn't play, but you get no error message
    * Check if your speakers are turned on.
    * Turn up the sound volume in your sound control panel.
    * If you're working on a PC, be sure you have a sound card installed.
  2. If you get an error message, check your browser's preferences to be sure the Flash Player is installed correctly.
  3. Many times, you can solve your problem by going to the Flash Player web site at and re-downloading the free Player. Re-install the Player and try it again. Your problem may be solved.
  4. If you still have trouble, either go to the Real Flash Player site for troubleshooting information or seek assistance from your system administrator.