Robert M. Emerson
Department of Sociology
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

Biographical Information
Recent Books
University of Chicago Press Ethnography Series



Biographical Information

Robert M. Emerson is Professor in the Department of Sociology at UCLA.

    Department Chair, 1996

  Vermont, Summer 1998
Bob and Ginger, University of Lund, May 2000

Harvard College, BA, magna cum laude, 1962 (History)
Brandeis University, MA, 1964 (Sociology)
Brandeis University, Ph.D., 1968 (Sociology)
      Dissertation: The Juvenile Court: Labelling and Institutional Careers

Academic Positions
Fellow, NIMH Field Training Program, Department of Sociology, Brandeis University, 1965-67
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Law and Sociology, Russell Sage Foundation, 1967-69
Research Associate, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley, 1967-1969
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA, 1969-1974
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA, 1974-1983
Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA, 1983-present
Vice Chair and Director of

Book Series Editor (with Jack Katz), Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries, University of Chicago Press, 2001-

University and Community Service

President, Board of Directors, Beverlywood Mental Heath Center, 1986-1996.

Staff Sociologist, Kolts Commission Investigation of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, February-July 1992.

Co-Chair, Chancellor's Service Learning Task Force, UCLA, 1998-99.

Chair, External Review Committee, Community Studies Department, UCSC, October 1999.

Curriculum Vita [link]

Recent Books

       Published by Waveland Press, Prospect Heights, IL

Table of Contents:





Clifford Geertz
Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture

D. Lawrence Wieder
Telling the Convict Code

Paul Atkinson
Ethnography and the Representation of Reality

Martyn Hammersley
Ethnography and Realism



Erving Goffman
On Field Work

Maxine Baca Zinn
Insider Field Research in Minority Communities

Mitchell Duneier
On the Evolution of Sidewalk

Dorrine K. Kondo
How the Problem of "Crafting Selves" Emerged

Carol A. B. Warren
Gender and Fieldwork Relations

Barrie Thorne
Learning from Kids

Robert M. Emerson and Melvin Pollner
Constructing Participant/Observation Relations

Richard Leo
Trial and Tribulations: Courts, Ethnography, and the Need for an Evidentiary Privilege for Academic Researchers



Howard S. Becker
The Epistemology of Qualitative Research

Jack Katz
Analytic Induction Revisited

Kathy Charmaz
Grounded Theory

Howard S. Becker
Tricks of the Trade

Jack Katz
Ethnography's Warrants

Michael Bloor
Techniques of Validation in Qualitative Research: A Critical Commentary
Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes

Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, and Linda L. Shaw

Published by The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL

Translations in Japanese and Spanish (forthcoming)

University of Chicago Press Ethnography Series
Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries

Series Editors:   Bob Emerson and Jack Katz
   University of California, Los Angeles

This new monograph series will publish ethnographic research which incorporates central features of the Chicago fieldwork tradition.  These include:
Novel data, produced by originality in the places and people studied, in the angle the researcher takes in the field (e.g., looking ‘from below’ at a setting often seen through the lenses of people in positions of power), or in the way the researcher interacts with and records evidence about the people studied.

Naturalistic data, providing unique access to subjectivity and to lived experience in contemporary social life, leading to analyses grounded in the experience of the people studied, in their worlds as they live them, and preserving their own sense of their situations and the personal colors and innovations through which they shape their  conduct.

Explicit analysis and self-reflective methods, promoting a triangular relationship between reader, author and subjects; our model ethnography is a framework in which the reader, by seeing not only the author’s interpretations but the subjects more or less directly, can assess how the author is re-presenting them.

Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries Editorial Board

Eli Anderson, University of Pennsylvania
Arlene K. Daniels, Northwestern University (Emerita)
Marjorie Devault, Syracue University
Mitchell Duneier, University of Chicago/CUNY
Gary Alan Fine, Northwestern University
David Halle, University of California, Los Angeles
Doug Harper, Duquesne University
Gail Kligman, University of California, Los Angeles
Calvin Morrill, University of California, Irvine
Henri Peretz, Universite de Paris, VIII
Melvin Pollner, University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Rock, London School of Economics and Political Science
David Snow, University of California, Irvine
Barrie Thorne, University of California, Berkeley
Diane Vaughan, Boston College
Carol Warren, University of Kansas

For inquiries about submitting manuscripts to the Series, contact the co-editors at the following addresses:

 Bob Emerson
 Jack Katz


Articles and Book Chapters

"Naturalistic Perspectives in Analyzing Field Data:  Working with 'Key Incidents'."  In Clive Seale, David Silverman, Jaber Gubrium and Giampetro Gobo, editors, Qualitative Research Practice.  London:  Sage Publications, 2003.

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Book Reviews

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Invited Participant, Rockefeller Foundation Seminar on Public Service, Stanford University, October 9, 1990.

Didactic Seminar on "Field Research", American Sociological Association, August 14, 1990.

"Disputes in Public Bureaucracies."  Presentation to a Workshop on "Trends and Opportunities in Disputing Research" sponsored by the Fund for Research on Dispute Resolution, Washington, D. C., June 7, 1990.

"Differences in Processing Intimate vs. Neighbor Disputes."  With Susan McCoin.  Annual Meetings of the Law and Society Association, Berkeley, California, June 1, 1990.


Sociology Immersion Program
    The Sociology Immersion Program (SIP) combines intensive field experiences with three integrated courses over two quarters to introduce upper-division students to the theory and practice of ethnographic field research.  Field placements are closely integrated with courses on qualitative research methods and developing writing skills.  The program provides sustained and meaningful community involvement and hands-on research training with professors in small intimate class settings.  Field placements in the areas of conflict resolution, criminal and juvenile justice, mental health care, are particularly encouraged.  In 2002 SIP is developing a new community ethnography program for middle and high school youth.

 Center for Experiential Education and Service Learning

Courses Taught:

Soc. 106AB, Field Research Methods

Soc. M146, Sociology of Interpersonal Conflict

Soc. M149, People Processing Institutions

Soc. 217BC, Ethnographic Fieldwork

Soc. M229A,  Sociology of Interpersonal Conflict

Soc. M229B, People Processing Institutions


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