LAB DIRECTOR, Kerri L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Kerri is Professor in the Departments of Communication and Psychology at UCLA, the Department Chair for Communication, and the director of the UCLA Social Vision Lab.  Her research probes the production and perception of gendered cues, with a particular emphasis on understanding how perceptual processes impact perceptual preferences and prejudices.

A copy of her CV can be found here.

Links to her lab’s publications can be found here.


Jon Freeman

Jon was the lab’s first lab manager before it moved to UCLA. He is now an Associate Professor of Psychological at New York University.  His research interests focus on multiple aspects of person construal.



Leah earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at NYU in 2010.  Her research interests focus on the development of gender and gender knowledge.

Leah E. Lurye

Colleen Carpinella

Colleen earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at UCLA in 2014.  Her research tested social perception the intersection of gender, power, and politics. After completing post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Hawaii and Disney Research, she now works in private industry.



Alyssa Golay

Honors Student

Jude Baldo

Honors Student

Catherine Maliki

Honors Student

Amy Wangsadipura

Honors Student

Chloe Mercado

Alison Venn

Eleni Lewis

Alisa Wyman

Honors Student

Yuki Shimura

Stephanie Pires


Devi Beck-Pancer

Honors Student

Matt Saucedo

Honors Student

Matt Rilla

Honors Student

Nic Mohadjer

Honors Student

Justine Ramirez

Ashley Rink

James Resos

Lotus Fung

Allison Smith

Amy Twohig

Sarah French

Rebecca Liu

Cailey Hagenson

Ro Kashanchi

Paul Sinacore

Mariana Preciado
Mariana earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at

UCLA in 2013.  She now conducts educational research for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Jonathan Benitez

Angie Wang

Cameron Gates

Lena Kettering

Melinda Chiem-Ngoy

Selina Flores

Na Shin

Dana Yu

Urmila Janardan

Brianna Goodale

Bri earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at UCLA in 2017. Her dissertation research tested how a glimpse of a group impacts feelings of fit and belonging. She is currently an affiliate at the University of Utah.

Steven Almaraz

Honors Student

(now Ph.D. student

at Miami University)

Yu Ying Tong

Max Israel

Lab Manager

Tiana Austel

Guilherme Apollonio

Kai Convery

Karin Chan

Michael Panameno

Michael Perez

DJ Lick

DJ earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at UCLA in 2015. His research tested the social cognitive underpinnings of prejudice related to sex, gender, sexual orientation, and race. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship at NYU, DJ worked at Facebook, and he is now a researcher for Google.

Nicholas Alt

Broadly, Nicholas is interested in social vision research and its applications to understanding the perceptions of groups.  As such, he utilizes ensemble coding methodology with thin-slice perception research to understand threat related judgments of groups.  An additional line of work investigates walk motion cues in relation to threat and harm detection.

Jessica Shropshire

Jessica is a fourth year doctoral student in Social Psychology. Her research focuses on understanding how visual cues (i.e. gender and race) are perceived and evaluated and the role of these visual cues in applied social settings such as for women in STEM fields, romantic relationships, minority categorization, and perceptions of groups.

Gerald Higginbotham

Gerald’s is a third year doctoral student in Social Psychology.

Karen Rocha

Kimberly Martin

Kim is a second year doctoral student in Social Psychology.

Zach Oxford

Zach is a first year doctoral student in Social Psychology. His research examines how political beliefs interact with social visual processes.

Grace Gillespie

Grace is a long time member of the lab, and she will begin her doctoral work in Fall 2019.