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Graduate Student Retreat       
May 8-9, 1999 in Los Angeles    

Virtual Conference Summer, 1998  

1999 Awards 


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The Society for Comparative Research (SCR) is an international scholarly organization which brings together the most distinguished scholars who work on comparative research from a truly global perspective  in various disciplines, such as political science, sociology, economics, history, anthropology. 

We have annual training retreats for comparativist  graduate students and their mentors. The first such training retreat will take place May 8-9, 1999, at the University of California, Los Angeles.  
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We also host ongoing internet conferences.  
Two current conferences are:  
"Globalization, convergence and divergence," organized by Ron Rogowski.   
"Social construction of difference," convened by David Apter and Larry Diamond  
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Each year we award the Dogan Award for the Best Comparativist Book of the Year the Lipset Award for the Best Comparativist Dissertation of the Year. 
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