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Immigration Resources



   The Migration Study Group is an interdisciplinary activity, undertaken by a group of faculty and

   graduate students, seeking to build an intellectual community of migration scholars on the UCLA

   campus.  The Migration Study Group is coordinated by six faculty members:


Ruben Hernandez-Leon (Sociology)

Kelly Lytle Hernandez (History)

Paul Ong (Urban Planning)

Marjorie Orellana (Education)

Abel Valenzuela (Chicano Studies)

Roger Waldinger (Sociology)


   We sponsor a biweekly speaker series, as well as other periodic events, such as conferences and

   workshops.  Speakers come from across the social sciences, bringing to bear the full range of social

   science disciplines on a broad array of migration topics – whether in sending or receiving countries,

   or focused on the past or the present. 


   The Study Group’s activities are supported by numerous on-campus entities, including: the Irene

   Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series in the Department of Sociology; Center for Latin American Studies;

   Chicano Studies Research Center; Center for the Study of Urban Poverty; Division of Social

   Sciences, Lewis Center for Regional Policy, UCLA Graduate Divison, UC AAPI Policy Initiative


   For further information, please contact:


Professor Roger Waldinger

Department of Sociology

264 Haines Hall, UCLA

Los Angeles, CA 90095

email: waldinge@soc.ucla.edu