Family Working Group








Spring 2017


April 17th, Monday 10:00 – 11:00am – Haines 215
Student Working in Progress

Between- and Within-Family Financial Transfers from Parents to Adult Children

Lei Feng (UCLA Sociology & CCPR)

‘Poor Person’s Birth Control’: Female Contraceptive Sterilization, 1982-2015

Sara Johnson (UCLA Sociology & CCPR)




May 23rd, Tuesday 10:30 – 11:50 – Haines 279

Stefanie DeLuca (Johns Hopkins Sociology)

Coming of Age in the Other America

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Co-Sponsored with the Stratification, Inequality and Mobility Working Group (UCLA Sociology)

* The Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series is made possible by a gift from Ray Ross in memory of his wife




Date TBA – Location TBA

Anne Pebley (UCLA Department of Community Health, Department of Sociology & CCPR)

Career Retrospective Talk

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May 29th, Monday 10:00 – 11:00am – Location TBA
FWG End-of-Year Planning Meeting






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