Marc A. Smith

I am also the father of Eli Smith Morton, born 11 October, 1995. Like any proud papa, I'd like to show you pictures of my baby!

I am a graduate student in the UCLA Department of Sociology. I specialize in the sociology of cyberspace. In particular I am interested in the emergence of social organizations like communities in online environments. Here is a copy of my Vita.

If you are interested in this subject have a look at the Center for the Study of Online Community.

I am teaching a class on the subject in the Winter of 1997, have a look at the S098 class web site. Be sure to have a look at the Student Projects.

I have also developed software that measures and maps the social spaces in the Internet, starting with the Usenet. Read more about Netscan.

Theoretical Inspirations
Interactionist Sociologies Chicago School
Symbolic Interactionism
Collective Action Theory Social Movements
Mixed-motive social relationships
Iterated Prisoners Dilemma Models
Commons and public goods provision
Self-organizing social systems
Social Network Analysis Models of exchange
Knowledge Diffusion
Indirect connections
Visualization and manipulation
Research Sites
Network Interaction Media Email, Usenet, MUD, IRC
Virtual Communities The Well
Virtual Worlds Palace
Virtual Places
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