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Word Repeats as Unit Ends  abstract  sound clip2011
Beginning to respond: Well-Prefaced Responses to Wh-Questions  abstract  sound clip2009
A Practice for (Re-)Exiting a Sequence: And/But/So + Uh(m) + Silence  abstract  sound clip2009
Interaction: The infrastructure for social institutions, the natural ecological niche for language, and the arena in which culture is enacted  abstract  sound clip2006
On_Dispensability  abstract  sound clip2004
Aphasic Agrammatism as Interactional Artifact and Achievement  abstract2003
Conversation Analysis and 'Communication Disorders'  abstract2003
The Surfacing of the Suppressed  abstract  sound clip2003
Overwrought Utterances: 'Complex sentences' in a different sense  abstract  sound clip2002
On Granularity  abstract  sound clip2000
Overlapping Talk and the Organization of Turn-taking for Conversation  abstract  sound clip2000
Agrammatism, Adaptation Theory, and Conversation Analysis: On the Role of so-called Telegraphic Style in Talk-in-Interaction  abstract1999
Discourse, Pragmatics, Conversation, Analysis  abstract1999
Reflections on Studying Prosody in Talk-in-Interaction  abstract  sound clip1998
Confirming Allusions: Toward an Empirical Account of Action  abstract  sound clip1996
Introduction to Interaction and Grammar  abstract1996
Issues of Relevance for Discourse Analysis: Contingency in Action, Interaction and Co-Participant Context  abstract  sound clip1996
Turn Organization: One Intersection of Grammar and Interaction  abstract  sound clip1996
Discourse as Interactional Achievement III: The Omnirelevance of Action  abstract  sound clip1995
Parties and Talking Together: Two Ways Numbers Are Significant  abstract  sound clip1995
Survey Interviews as Talk-in-Interaction  abstract1990
Reflections on Language Development and the Interactional Character of Talk  abstract  sound clip1989
Description in the Social Sciences I: Talk-in-Interaction  abstract  sound clip1988
Discourse as Interactional Achievement II: An Exercise in Conversation Analysis  abstract  sound clip1988
From Interview to Confrontation: Observations on the Bush/Rather Encounter  abstract  sound clip1988
Goffman and the Analysis of Conversation  abstract  sound clip1988
On an Actual Virtual Servo-Mechanism for Guessing Bad News  abstract  sound clip1988
Analyzing Single Episodes of Interaction: An Exercise in Conversation Analysis  abstract  sound clip1987
Between Micro and Macro: Contexts and Other Connections  abstract1987
Notes on Laughter in the Pursuit of Intimacy  abstract1987
Recycled Turn Beginnings  abstract  sound clip1987
On Some Gestures' Relation to Talk  abstract  sound clip1984
Discourse as Interactional Achievement: Some Uses of 'uh huh' and Other Things That Come Between Sentences  abstract  sound clip1981
Relevance of Repair to a Syntax-for-Conversation  abstract  sound clip1979
Simplest Systematics for the Organization of Turn-Taking for Conversation (Schenkein)  abstract  sound clip1978
Simplest Systematics for the Organization ofTurn-Taking for Conversation (Language)  abstract  sound clip1974

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