Correlations from 1962 OCG Study, by Race

(Negro above Diagonal, White below Diagonal)

HEdHOccSibs Ed Occ Inc
HEd +.40-.06+.36+.22+.14
HOcc+.51 -.11+.21+.12+.04
Sibs-.27-.24 -.17-.09-.09
Ed+.39+.42-.33 +.41+.30
Occ+.31+.37-.25+.61 +.27

Source: Duncan 1968, Table 4-2. H denotes father or other family head. Ed is years of schooling completed. Occ is occupation, using Duncan scale, for respondent at time of survey, for family head when respondent was a teenager. Inc is income during preceding calendar year. White includes negligible number of nonwhites other than Negroes.