David D. McFarland . . .

Welcome to my Web Pages. I am a sociologist on the faculty of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My main interests:

  • Social inequality and social mobility, including the jobs and careers of individuals, and the particular circumstances of immigrant families, the extremely wealthy, and the rural poor.

  • Mathematical models of social phenomena. Graphical and other statistical tools for analyzing data.

  • Computers: as tools, as toys, and also as social phenomena to be studied.

    About a quarter century ago, I used some mathematical models to forecast population composition in the year 2000. Now the day of reckoning has arrived. My Year 2000 Page includes an assessment of how far wrong my prediction was. It also includes material about a 1972 predecessor of Y2K problems, and some things about calendar systems.

    On this Web Site I also offer a bit of my perverse sense of humor.

    Finally, here are some suggestions in case you got to my Web Pages while looking for someone else with a similar name, or for information related to Irish (or for that matter Scottish) ethnicity.

    How to Reach Me:

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    Acknowledgement: For helpful comments I wish to thank Mike Franks and Norman Wynn.