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Updated on 2/24/99 with new transgender sites


Soc. M167 / Soc. 199

Resource Directory {Gina}   Homorama -very good site that has links to major antiqueer groups as well as links to other issues of queerness. Rights Campaign, pro-queer advocacy organization. Watch organization, monitors hate groups. Resource Directory, has links to many queer sites. {Leach}
It is called "Queer: The FAQ's". This site list virtually every single site and/or group/organization that is a hate, anti lgbt etc. . . that exists in the world. Additionally, at this site is a link to "The Rougues Gallery" that list books, reference materials, research databases, etc. . .

Political Sites {Minnie}


1) URL:
Name: Gay/Lesbian Issues - has various gay/lesbian topics and issues such as politics, marriage, work issues, military, family/parenting, etc. Very neatly organized. Has good links, bulletin board, newsletter, chat, events and other neat things on it.

2) URL:
Name: The Data Lounge - has news, issues, gossip and a sign-up section. The news deals with current events that are going on in the gay community. The issues have topics such as AIDS/HIV, anti-gay violence and initiative, government policies, gay vote, military, education, etc - which are very informative. The gossip section does not necessarily talk about gay issues, but it provides a welcoming atmosphere for gays in a heterosexual community.

3) URL:
Name: Stonewall - has general information (tells about their goal which is to fight for equality), latest news (from their own press office), factsheets (free information about different issues on gays and lesbians, which also includes many statistics), immigration and parenting group, and different ways to get in touch with them. This site is neatly organized and useful for research.


1) URL:
Name: STRAIGHT - is an organization against homosexuality based on religious aspects. This site lists Vol.1 No.1-6, which include various articles supporting Christian perspectives against homosexuality. In No.1, it tells about the goal of the organization, boycott issues against gay groups in Colorado, and defends the idea of the death penalty for gays. No.2 includes a comparison of the politically and biblically correct sexuality. No.3 touches on helping and curing homosexuality. No. 4 talks against gay rights. No. 5 includes an article against homosexuals in the military. No. 6 talks mostly about God's laws. I'm not sure if this is an official site, but anti-gay sites (Christian ones) usually use the Bible and other sources from religious figures to legitimatize their criticism of homosexuals.

2) URL:
Name: the Creator's Rights Party - has a section that is anti-abortion/pro-life, criticizes of Republicans (and the government in general), appraises the idea of arresting homosexuals (anti-gay). Does not cover much of gay issues, rather condemns the corrupted Christians in politics today.

3) URL:
Name: Christian Resources about Homosexuality and AIDS - is aimed toward homosexuals who want to change their sexuality. Talks about "gay to straight" issues and events, articles on homosexuality from a Christian perspective, testimonies, books, organizations that help homosexuals, AIDS help, etc. This site has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that advocates helping (not condemning) homosexuality. Although it is still anti-gay, it's not as vicious and hateful like other sites.

Hate Crimes {Sophia}

Check table 2. It's a table of the number of incidents, offenses, victims, and offenders by bias motivation. It breaks down all the hate crime statistics by motivation. Sexual orientation as a motivation for a hate crime is calculated at being 13% of all hate crimes, and this does not include the multiple motivation crimes. 59% of all offenders were found to be Caucasian.

PRO-QUEER: Triangle Foundation
This was the most helpful site that has a lot of links to other useful sites that are pro-queer. It also has a site on Matthew Shepard. There is a section of the web that is about violence, and hate crimes. and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
This site is wholly dedicated to anti-queer violence. It lets you know how to get involved by linking you to:
which is the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance. This site has newspaper articles of specific hate crimes that have been committed against queers.


All of these sites are predominantly White, Christian and it seems masculine sites. They are all very patriotic, and definitely have their own views on what makes a good "American." They try to scare people into thinking that all homosexuals are perverts, pedophiles, and definitely not good Christians. The most interesting thing about all these anti-queer sites are their emphasis on the "American" life, the site are decorated by American flags and eagles, anything and everything patriotic. Indicating to people that if they do not hold similar beliefs then they are un-American. American Family Association
You have to even love the name of this site. The American Family Association. It already has the emphasis on the "American Family," which they thoroughly define. Family Research Council
This site actually is a place that those that are "reversed-discriminated" against (which isn't possible.. but they're crazy anyhow) should contact this group. They actually state: "..if you have faced threats or discrimination because of your 'pro-family' principles or religious beliefs, please contact Family Research Council..." They also have a link to: which is the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals. They still fully believe and teach others that homosexuality is still a disease that can be treated. American Guardian
The American Guardian (i think it was the American guardian) actually has a section on the side of the web page that allows you to pick a topic and the organization's thought on this topic appears before you. Their views on homosexuals are full of myth and lies.

Christian/Family Values Groups {Gina}
Christian Gallery run by Neal Horsely contains a web page entitled "The Nuremberg Files", which is devoted to tracking and publishing information on abortion providers. Also has opinion about gays: "Arresting homosexuals for their own good." Christian Coalition Promise Keepers   Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays Revisited, offers alternatives to leading a gay life.

Etiological Debates {Frank}

Pro Gay Sites (Answers to your Questions About Sexual Orientation)
This American Psychological Association website answers many questions pertaining to homosexuals and helps homosexuals better understand themselves. In addition, it gives psychological reasons for the causes of homosexuality. It is a lage web site. (How is Sexuality Determined) LGB Student Union at U of Florida.
This website gives you a brief insight on the social development of homosexuality. Several suggestions are given regarding the other possible causes. (Facts about Homosexuality) West Chester University LGB Services. This website suggests that homosexuality is biological. However, it also includes social factors. It is a rather large website.
Hate Web Sites, monitors hate sites.
Straight Answers - a site about how to answer questions about gay life and change anti-gay attitudes.

Anti-gay Site
New Direction for Life Ministries of Canada. This website suggests that homosexuality can be changed and has reviews of 17 published studies on homosexuality. Similar position to other Ex-Gay Ministries groups.

Matthew Shepard {Laura}

PRO: Politics Journal
-this site offers a commentary not only on Matthew, but other groups hated by the far right. Strategies
-this is an interesting site because although it is pro-gay it is filled with links to view hate quotes and speeches, it also offers automatic e-mail access to answer some of their claims. to the Memory of Matthew Shepard
-this site tells not only what happened, but offers quotes of his family's reaction, includes links to other pro-gay sites.

ANTI: God Hates Fags Homepage of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas (Fred Phelps).
-this site stresses that God hates homosexuals and therefore Matt is paying for his sins with eternal torment.

Transgenderism {Gina} International Journal of Transgenderism, has info about publications on transgenderism. on Gender Transition, info and resources by a transgendered psychologist. International, resource webpage for female-to-male transgenders. Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. A professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders.

Has listing of all those killed because of their transgender status
The American Boyz, for FTMs
The Renaissance Transgender Association, Inc.
The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, or GenderPAC, is a not-for-profit organization, composed of individuals and groups, dedicated to a broad-based, inclusive national movement for "gender, affectional, and racial equality."
In Your Face online news is an online news service provided by in the GenderPAC site.
Transsexual Menace Toronto, an advocacy group.

Lesbian and Female Bisexuals {Jessica}

Pro-gay sites:

1.)Stranger in a familiar Land: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Academe
Essay on author's feelings of alienation based on hergender, race, sexuality, and otherness within the academe. She is a Japanese lesbian who tells her story in order to bring some understanding to this marginalized section in society.

2.)The Soc.Women.lesbian-and-bi FAQ
This site provides a forum for discussion of the lives of lesbians and bisexual women. It contains such info as LB community symbols, the Kinsey Scale, movies containing LB, other URLs and links and gay chat rooms. This is a very broad site with many links.

3.) A Dykes World
This is a huge site that contains chathouses, message boards, PrideLinks-gay search engines, healing and support groups, same-sex marriages, match making and advice areas, lesbian happiness survey, how to fight against the torment, a collection of hate websites, and lebian jokes.


1.) White Nationalist Resource Page
Website dedicated to white racial activism. On the opening page there is a picture of David Duke and his new book "My Awakening". There are links to other sites of this nature as well as a foreign translation section for it's German and Spanish members.

2.)National Alliance
The intent of this page is to perpetuate a new consciousness, new order, and new people based on a white supremacy mindset. Includes extensive info on the organization, further online publications, book catalogs, mailing lists, phone numbers, and search engines for the website that include articles that condemn lgbt.

3.)Christian Coalition for Reconciliation- freedom from homosexuality
This site provides a how to guide on "How to Minister Freedom from Homosexuality" It is a 4 session program that coversthe task, the problem, the solution, and the long haul in the pursuit to cure homosexuality.

Other Sexual Minorities Options is a very good site that covers many aspects regarding bisexuality. {Laura} -this stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association, I just thought it would be an interesting avenue to search. DIFFERENT LOVING: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission, has lots of references to the world of sadomasochism.…a BDSM Community: Bondage and Discipline; Domination and submission; Sado-Masochism, virtual BDSM community. The Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) was formed in 1991. It consists of sex workers and organizations which provide services to sex workers in over 40 countries.’ Education Network, A sex workers' rights perspective on: decriminalization of prostitution, dancers rights, trafficking, violence against prostitutes, police abuse, porn and sex art, and trends in laws and policies. Sex Workers Outreach Project, SWOP provides information and support for female, male and transgender workers in the NSW, Australia, sex industry.

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