My h-diplo post about the new group, October 10, 1997.
Joyce Appleby response to complaints about the AHA, Oct. 30, 1997. (The last sentence here is particularly revealing.)
Chronicle of Higher Education article about the new organization, April 29, 1998 (by Courtney Leatherman ).
Washington Times story about the new group, April 29, 1998 (David Sands).
New York Times article on the same subject, May 2, 1998 (by Tim Weiner).
My Wall Street Journal article, "The Past Under Siege," July 17, 1998, about this new effort.
The h-net exchange with Jim Banner that article led to (July 23 - Sept. 4, 1998).
Paul Schroeder's contribution to that discussion, Sept. 30, 1998.
Bill Keylor h-diplo post, Sept. 27, 1998.