Document 2: Two Extracts from the record of a meeting between Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and German Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentano, November 21, 1957.
Source: 740.5/11-2157, Department of State Central Files, RG 59, USNA; FRUS 1955-57, 4:196-197, 202, for the sanitized version.

The full text of the record of this meeting shows how easy it is to be misled by sanitized documents. The passages which appear here in red were deleted from the version published in FRUS in 1986; that truncated version makes it seem that the U.S. government was a good deal more hostile to the idea of nuclear forces under European control than it in fact was, and also that the German government was not particularly interested in changing the nuclear status quo.

Note also the cross-references to related material in other files written in by hand in the margins; this information is often of great value to the researcher.

First extract (pp. 4-5 in original document):

Second Extract (pp. 10-11 in original document):