Document 3: Extracts from the Bowie Report, "The North Atlantic Nations: Tasks for the 1960's," of August 1960.
Source: this document was made available in its entirety through the Nuclear History Program in 1991; according to the declassification stamp on the title page of the NHP version, this document was declassified in full by the State Department in July 1980.

The passages in red were sanitized out of the section from the document published in FRUS 1958-60, vol. 7, part 1, pp. 622-627; that volume appeared in 1993. Once again, the censors were trying to conceal the degree to which the American government during the Eisenhower period was thinking in terms of a veto-free European nuclear force. These passages come from the summary section of the report, pp. 7-9 in the original typescript version.