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Carole Pateman
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science
University of California, Los Angeles
Honorary Professor, School of European Studies
Cardiff University

(310) 206-4475

Curriculum Vitae
My Former Students at UCLA
Education & Degrees
Lewes County Grammar School for Girls, Sussex
Dip. Econ and Pol Sci, Ruskin College, Oxford, 1965
BA, MA, D. Phil., Oxford University, 1967, 1971
D. Soc Sci. Honoris Causa, Helsinki University, 2006
D. Litt. Honoris Causa, National University of Ireland, 2005
D. Litt. Honoris Causa, Australian National University, 1998

UK Political Studies Association Special Recognition Award, 2013.
Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, 2012.
Academician, Academy of Social Sciences, UK, 2010
Fellow, British Academy, 2007
Faculty Research Lecturer, UCLA, 2001.
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1996 –
Guggenheim Fellow 1993-94
Kerstin Hesselgren Professor, Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1988-89
Fellow, Academy of Social Sciences in Australia 1980 -
Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1984-85
Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1984-85
Political Theory (including democratic theory; theories of an original contract, the sexual contract and the settler contract; feminist political theory, theories of the welfare state, citizenship and basic income)

Recent News

  • The UK Political Studies Association presented me with a Special Recognition Award at the annual meeting of the APSA in Chicago (2013).

  • Feminist Challenges: Social and Political Theory (co-ed) with Elizabeth Gross, first published in 1986, has been reissued by Routledge (2013) in their Routledge Revivals series.

  • My former student, Helena Pik-wan Wong (Ph.D. 2000) has been elected to the Hong Kong Legislative Council. She won the election in October 2012, and is now a Legislative Councillor representing Kowloon West.

  • News from Uppsala: I have been awarded the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science for 2012. http://skytteprize.statsvet.uu.se/TheJohanSkyttePrize/tabid/1832/language/en-US/Default.aspx

  • Carole Pateman's and Matthew Murray's co-edited book, Basic Income Worldwide: Horizons of Reform has now been published - http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=488943 - by Palgrave Macmillan in their International Political Economy Series. The book has chapters on examples of basic income from rich and poor countries and proposals for and assessments of the likelihood of its implementation in some other countries around the world.

  • Attention: Anyone who has obtained a copy of the Routledge Innovators in Political Theory publication, Carole Pateman: Democracy, Feminism, Welfare (ed) Terrell Carver and Samuel Chambers, whether from the APSA book exhibit in Seattle or elssewhere, please be advised that chapter 13 had to be replaced. The volume has now been corrected and reprinted and will be available about December 2011.

  • At the annual APSA meeting in Seattle, September 2011 (September 1-4), I handed over my presidential gavel to my successor. I also gave my Presidential Address, Participatory Democracy Revisited, (click here to read), which will be available in Perspectives on Politics in the March 2012 issue. At the meeting, my Presidential Task Force, Democracy, Economic Security, and Social Justice in a Volatile World, (chair:Michael Goodhart), issued its Report and members of the Task Force presented its findings at a special panel. The Report, Democratic Imperatives: Innovations in Rights, Participation and Economic Citizenship, is available, together with much else, at the Task Force website at http://bit/ly/2011taskforce.

Key Works

1. Participation and Democratic Theory 2. The Problem of Political Obligation 3. The Sexual Contract

4. The Disorder of Women 5. Feminist Interpretations and Political Theory 6. Contract and Domination
7. Illusion of Consent: Engaging with Carole Pateman 8. Carole Pateman: Democracy, Feminism, Welfare 9. Basic Income Worldwide: Horizons of Reform
                              Basic Income Worldwide

Professional Activities

Associate Editor, Journal of Political Philosophy

Series Editor of The Ethikon Series in Comparative Ethics: See the Ethikon website for information about the Ethikon Institute and the books published in the Series. Our most recent book is the Globalization Of Ethics: Religious And Secular Perspectives Eds. William M. Sullivan and Will Kymlicka, Cambridge University Press.

Also now available: Islamic Political Ethics (ed.) S. Hashmi, Princeton University Press; Confucian Political Ethics (ed.) D. Bell, Princeton University Press; and Christian Political Ethics (ed.), J. Coleman, Princeton University Press

Editorial Board Memberships include:
American Political Science Review
The British Journal of Political Science
Political Studies
Gender, Work and Organization
Journal of Political Ideologies
Contemporary Politics

Since 2006 I have been a consultant editor for the online journal Basic Income Studies (http://www.bepress.com/bis/)

Since 1994 I have been a Member of the International Advisory Board of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences


I was born in the village of Maresfield in Sussex, England. I attended the village school and was a beneficiary of the great British reforms of the 1940s when I passed the "11 plus" examination and was able to go on to an academic education at the Lewes County Grammar School for Girls. However, I left school at age sixteen, with eight “O levels”, and worked at a series of low-grade clerical jobs before being accepted, in 1963, at Ruskin College, an independent adult education school in Oxford for working class students with no formal educational requirements. I studied economics, politics, history and sociology. During that period, many Ruskin students sat for the Oxford University Post-Graduate Diploma in Political Science and Economics; I was the only woman who sat for the examination (in 1965) and obtained a distinction. I won a place at Oxford University (at Lady Margaret Hall, then a women's college), and read Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) for my BA and stayed at Oxford for my D. Phil.

My career since then has been international; I have taught on three continents. From 1991-94 I was the first woman President of the International Political Science Association. In 1988-89 I was the inaugural holder of the Kirsten Hesselgren Professorship of the Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and from 1993-2000 I was an Adjunct Professor at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.

Among my public lectures are the Jefferson Memorial Lectures, UC Berkeley (1985), the Sir Douglas Robb Lectures, the Auckland University, New Zealand (1993), the John Rees Memorial Lecture, the University of Wales (1995), and the Gunnar Myrdal Lecture, Stockholm University, Sweden (1996).

I hold honorary doctorates from the Australian National University, the National University of Ireland and Helsinki University. I am a fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences (1980), the American Academy for Arts and Sciences (1996)and the British Academy (2007).

I joined the Department of Political Science at the University of California in Los Angeles in January 1990 and during 2006-08 I was Research Professor at Cardiff University, UK.