These are old songs (most of them) that aren't elsewhere on the net, at least in these versions. 

I sing them so they're are not completely terrible. (?)

All Aboard les Etats

The Banks of Dunmore

The Banks of Gaspereaux

Be a Friend to the Working Man

The Schooner Bentley

Betsy the Milkmaid

Black Velvet Band

Blue Monday

The B.P.O.E.

The Buffalo Smuggler

Buy Bananas

Canada for Canadians

Captain Shepherd

Centennial on the Brain

Chris Lively and Wife

The Clifton's Crew

Come All Smokes Tobacco

The Cranberry Bogs

The Crockery War

The Delaware River

The Disheartened Ranger

Don't Let the Women Vote

Don't Marry a Man If He Drinks

Dooley's Big Beer Hall

Drumhollogan's Bottom

The Little Drummer

The Drunken Captain

Duffy's Hotel

The Farmington Canal

The Fitting Out

General Munro

The Glasgow Barber

The Good Old Days of Adam and of Eve

Good Old State of Alabama

When the Gorgonzola Cheese Went Wrong

The Grand River

The Great Lobster Boil

The Ballad of Hal Banks

How Are You On for Stamps Today?

I Came to Wisconsin

I Got Drunk Again

I Lost My Way in London

I'm a Tolerant Man

The Jerseywok

On Johnny Mitchell's Train

Little Beggar

Lindy, How I'd Like to be You

The Man That Shot My Dog


Margineau Line

Mokky Bawn

The Mormon Cowboy

My Father Killed a Kangaroo

My Old Red Vest

Our Trip to Niagara Falls

Nineteen Years Old

Old Man Noah

In Old Pod Auger Times

The Old Woman Shit in the Corner

The Organic Song

Sweet Omagh Town

Beside a Papuan Waterfall

Pat from Bolyaneer

Oh, What a Lovely War

On Patrick's Day in the Morning

The P.E.I. Express

Pete Baptiste and the Beavers

Peter Heaney

The Poor Man's Family

Pretty Polly (Oliver)

Rally Around the New Flag

Rarebit and Pickled Pork

The Saloon Must Go

The Short Creek Raid

Sir Hugh

That's the Reason Now I Wear the Kilt

The Snake in the Grass

The Squire's Young Daughter

The Three Drowned Sisters

The Tobacco Union

The Travelling Candyman

The Vermont Farmer's Song

When McGuiness Gets a Job

The Wild Buckaroo

Yon Yonsson's Vedding

Young Bob Ridley