Richard D. Anderson, Jr.
Associate Professor of Political Science

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Lecture notes are made public for the following:

PS 20: World Politics; PS 156A: Government and Politics of Russia; PS 168: Comparative Political Analysis; PS 169:  Discourse, Dictators and Democrats

For 2011-2012:

PS 169 Discourse, Dictators and Democrats will become PS 163 Discourse, Dictatorship and Democracy;

I will also teach PS 169, New Democracies. 

I will offer PS 20 in summer 2011; I may offer PS 156A in the future but have no current plans to.  My views on contemporary Russian politics are presented in a recent publication "When the Center Can Hold: The Primacy of Politics in Shaping Russian Democracy," Communist and Post-Communist Studies 41, 4 (2010), 397-408.

I also teach seminars (no lecture notes, but there are syllabi on Classweb):

PS 191C: Voting Rights and Political Discourse in the United States;

PS 259: Political Discourse Analysis

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