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The journey begins...

It's time to leave the driveway and start your research road trip!

NEW! Use the Assignment Calculator to set up a schedule for researching and writing your paper.

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  • Starting Points
    Help with a picking a topic, focusing it, and picking research databases to search.
  • Find It
    Help in searching research databases for books, and magazine and journal articles.
    Go through the web pages or view short movies on finding: books, periodical subscriptions, articles.
  • Judge for Yourself
    Can you trust research tools? How can you select the most authoritative, accurate and up to date books, articles and websites? Read this section and view short movies on Google Scholar to improve your critical thinking skills.

  • Road Etiquette
    Congratulations! You’ve written your paper. Are you done? Not yet! Have you cited all ideas and quotes fully and formatted your bibliography correctly? Check the Plagiarism and Citation sections to learn how. Watch a short movie to learn how to save, format and email citations from CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) databases, like PsycInfo.

    Tip! The Toolkit is full of useful tips for research travelers.

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