Start Module - pretest - GUEST

1. You need to write a paper on social support networks among elderly Korean-Americans living in Los Angeles. Which of these concepts is most closely related to this topic?

A. Asians
B. ethnicity
C. L.A. ethnic communities
D. California cities

2. You want to write a research paper on abortion rates among poor teenagers. What are the main concepts with which to build your search statement?

A. abortion; poverty; teenagers
B. economic status; teenagers
C. health issues; poor people
D. health issues; economic status; teenagers

3. Your research paper topic, "beer drinking habits of UCLA students," is too narrow. How can you broaden it?

A. focus on a type of beer
B. select a range of years to investigate
C. substitute college for UCLA.
D. substitute eating for beer drinking

4. Your research paper topic, "immigration to Los Angeles," is too broad. How can you narrow it?

A. change it to California
B. leave out immigration to
C. substitute and for to
D. select a range of years to investigate

5. You need to write a 10-page research paper on gender. Which of these would be the best first step?

A. search Google under gender
B. make a list of synonyms and related words to search
C. look through Newsweek magazine for the past year.
D. check for books on gender