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Road Etiquette: Citation: Exercise #4

ROAD ETIQUETTE: Citation: Exercise #4

Arrange these items in correct alphabetical order to make a "Reference List":

(a) Logan, J.R., Zhang, W., and Alba, R.D. (2002) Immigrant enclaves and ethnic communities in New York and Los Angeles. American Sociological Review, 67, 299-323.

(b) Allen, J.P. and Turner, E. (1997) The ethnic quilt : population diversity in Southern California. Northridge, CA: The Center for Geographical Studies, California State University, Northridge.

(c) Ethnic groups in California : a guide to organizations and resources. (1988) 2nd ed. Claremont : California Institute of Public Affairs.

(d) The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. (2002) Architecture, 91, 27.

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