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Road Etiquette: Citation Style

ROAD ETIQUETTE: Citation: Exercise #3

Roger Waldinger wrote an article called From Ellis Island to LAX: immigrant prospects in the American city. The article was published in Winter 1996, in volume 30 of International Migration Review, on pages 1078 to 1087.
Put a check next to the 5 elements you would need to include in an APA style citation for this article:
  (a)    author (first initial, followed by last name)
  (b)    author (last name, followed by first initial)
  (c)    date of publication (just the year)
  (d)    date of publication (the month and year)
  (e)    place of publication
  (f)    name of publication (magazine or journal name)
  (g)    article title
  (h) page number(s)

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