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How should you cite?

Citations must have enough information so that someone else can find the item. The sciences, social sciences and humanities use different "citation styles." Each citation style may list the same item in different ways, using different punctuation (periods, commas, etc.).

First decide what kind of item you are citing. Test yourself with the Which is Which... exercise.

Then pick a subject area to see sample citations:

Check some guides to citation styles, like an American Psychological Association (APA) guide or a Modern Language Association (MLA) guide.
Compare what you find there with results from KnightCite or the Citation Machine.
    • Tip! Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), a set of llicensed databases, will turn your search results into a formatted bibliography.
    • Watch a movie to see how. (2.4 min.)
      • Having trouble seeing the movie? Download the free Flash Player software (plugin).

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