Colloquium Series
The Meaning of the Market II

Colloquium meetings are on Mondays 2:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the History Conference Room 6275 Bunche. They are devoted largely to discussion of papers, available a week in advance of the session. Copies of papers may be obtained by contacting the Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, 4250 Public Policy Building, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Phone: (310) 206-5675. Fax: (310) 206-4453.
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Thursday 11 January
Keynes and Capitalist Crisis

John Eatwell, Economics, New School for Social Research
Robert Skidelsky, Political Science, University of Warwick
Mark Glick, Economics, University of Utah
22 January
The Causes of the Great Depression

Gerard Dumenil and Dominique Levy, CEPREMAP, Paris
Christina Romer, Economics, UC Berkeley
Peter Temin, Economics, M.I.T.
Michael Bernstein, History, UC San Diego
12 February
The "New Economics" in Theory and Practice

Axel Leijonhofvud, Economics, UCLA
Alan Milward, Economics, London School of Economics,
Edmund Phelps, Economics, Columbia
Robert Pollin, Economics, UC Riverside
4 March
Conservative Alternatives to the Liberal Mainstream: Hayek

Meghnad Desai, Economics, London School of Economics
Tadeusz Kowalik, Polish Academy of Sciences
8 April
Is East Asia Different and Winning?
Co-sponsored with the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies and Japan Policy Research Institute
Alice Amsden, Urban Studies and Planning , M.I.T.
Kenneth Courtis, Deutsche Bank, Tokyo
Chalmers Johnson, Japan Policy Research Institute
22 April
Is the Third World Underdeveloping the First?
Co-sponsored with the UCLA International Economics Workshop

Robert Lawrence, Kennedy School, Harvard University
Edward Leamer, Economics, UCLA
Manuel Pastor, Economics, Occidental College
6 May
Labor: Facing Deregulation and Internationalization
Co-sponsored with UCLA Institute for Industrial Relations

Kim Moody, Labor Notes, Detroit
Guy Standing, International Labor Organization, Geneva
Margaret Hallock, Labor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon
Sanford Jacoby, Institute for Industrial Relations , UCLA
20 May
The Long Downturn and the Third World
Co-sponsored with the UCLA International Economics Workshop

Giovanni Arrighi, Sociology, SUNY Binghamton
Manfred Bienefeld, Public Administration, Carleton University
Sule Özler, Economics, UCLA
3 June
Has the World Economy Recovered?

To Be Arranged
Tadeusz Kowalik, Polish Academy of Sciences;
Mark Glick, Economics, University of Utah;
Giovanni Arrighi, Sociology, Cornell University
Robert Brenner, Director
Perry Anderson · Richard Ashcraft (1938-1995) · Ivan Berend · Saul Friedlander · Carlo Ginzburg
Michael Mann · Carole Pateman · Ivan Szelenyi · Maurice Zeitlin

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