Center for Social Theory and Comparative History

Colloquium Series for Winter-Spring 2003


North and South:

Conflict and Crisis


Meetings are on Mondays 2:00pm to 5:30pm in the History Conference Room, 6275 Bunche



10 February   The US and Iraq


Perry Anderson

Department of History



Michael Mann

Department of Sociology



Eric Margolis

Foreign Editor

Toronto Sun


*February 14   A State of Denial: Israel and the Palestine Question

*2-4:00pm,  2355 Public Policy


Ilan Pappe

Department of Political Science

University of Haifa



24 February     Neo-liberalism: Causes, Character, Consequences




Robert Brenner

Department of History



Mark Weisbrot

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Washington, DC


*February 27   Clash of Barbarisms

*2-4:00pm, ISSR Conference Room 4355 D Public Policy


Gilbert Achcar

Department of Politics and International Relations

University of Paris – VIII



28 April Culture: Post-Colonial or Neo-Imperial


Timothy Brennan

Department of English

University of Minnesota


Wang Hui

Tsinghua University



5 May   Imperialism Today


Tariq Ali

Author of Clash of Fundamentalisms



Giovanni Arrighi

Department of Sociology

Johns Hopkins University



Walden Bello

Focus on the Global South




19 May               Africa: Failed States or Neoliberal Nightmare?

Co-sponsored with the James Coleman Center for African Studies


Njoki Njehu

50 Years is Enough

Washington DC

John Saul

Department of Politics

York University



2 June  Latin America in Crisis


Manuel Riesco



Geisa Rocha

Latin American Studies

Rutgers University


Center Fellow 2003: Cyrus Bina, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, Morris



Robert Brenner, Director • Perry Anderson, Assistant Director

Richard Ashcraft (1938-1995) • Ivan BerendRogers Brubaker • Saul Friedländer • Carlo Ginzburg • Michael Mann • Carole Pateman • Maurice Zeitlin

Tom Mertes, Administrator


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