Center for Social Theory and Comparative History

Colloquium Series for Winter-Spring 2001


Globalization II


Meetings are on Mondays 2:00pm to 5:30pm in the History Conference Room, 6275 Bunche



12 February   Boom, Bubble, Bust? The American Economy Today


Edward Leamer

Department of Economics


Peter Warburton

Author of Debt and Delusion



William Wolman

Chief Economist

Business Week


26 February   Why is Global Culture Made in the USA?

Co-sponsored with Center for Modern and Contemporary Studies


Arif Dirlik

Department of History

Duke University

Lydia Liu

Department of Comparative Literature

UC Berkeley

Donald Sassoon

Department of History

University of London



12 March   After the Cold War: Democratic Peace or US Hegemony?

Co-sponsored with The Burkle Center for International Relations

Chalmers Johnson

Japan Policy Research Institute

San Diego



John Mearsheimer

Department of Political Science

University of Chicago


9 April   Where is the Anti-Globalization Movement Going?

Co-sponsored with Center for Globalization and Policy Research


Juliette Beck

Global Exchange

San Francisco

Naomi Klein

Author of No Logo


Kim Moody

Labor Notes






23 April   European Unity: The Triumph of Neoliberalism?


John Grahl

Global Business Management

University of North London


David Soskice

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozial Forschung

Discussant: Perry Anderson, Department of History, UCLA



7 May   Does Globalization Reduce Ethnic Conflict?


David Laitin

Department of Political Science

Stanford University


Linda Melvern

Department of International Politics

University of Wales, Aberystywyth

Discussant: Michael Mann, Department of Sociology, UCLA



21 May   Whither China?

Co-sponsored with Center for Chinese Studies and Joint UCLA-USC East Asian Studies


Hu Angang

Center for China Study

Qinghua University



Lo Dic

Department of Economics


Roderick MacFarquhar

Department of Government

Harvard University

4 June   Globalization: Process or Policy?


Robert Gilpin

Woodrow Wilson School

Princeton University


Peter Gowan

Department of International Relations

University of North London

Discussant: Robert Brenner, Department of History, UCLA


Center Fellow for 2001: Christopher Layne, University of Miami



Robert Brenner, Director

Perry Anderson, Assistant Director

Richard Ashcraft (1938-1995) • Ivan Berend • Rogers Brubaker • Saul Friedlander • Carlo Ginzburg • Michael Mann • Carole Pateman • Maurice Zeitlin

Tom Mertes, Administrator


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