Center for Social Theory and Comparative History

Colloquium Series for Winter-Spring 2002


East and West


Meetings are on Mondays 2:00pm to 5:30pm in the History Conference Room, 6275 Bunche



February 11 The War on Terrorism

Co-sponsored by Burkle Center for International Relations


Alexander Cockburn

Author of: Corruptions of Empire



David Rieff

Author of: The Ends of Humanitarianism

New York City


Benjamin Schwarz

Senior Editor, Atlantic Monthly

CSTCH Fellow 2002

25 February Politics of the Subcontinent: Neo-liberalism, Religious Conflict, and Regional Strife


Aijaz Ahmad

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library



Gyan Pandey

Department of Anthropology

Johns Hopkins University

11 March Islamic Fundamentalism: Religion and Politics


Olivier Roy

Humanities & Social Sciences


Sami Zubaida

Center of Near and Middle Eastern Studies


Discussant: Nikki Keddie,  Department of History, UCLA


29 April Israel and the Palestinians

NOTE ROOM CHANGE: California Room, Faculty Center, Cosponsored with Center for Near Eastern Studies


David Myers

Department of History



Saul Friedländer

Department of History

Issar Nassar

Center of Area Studies

Al Quds University (Jerusalem)


Mahmood Ibrahim

Department of History

Cal Poly Pomona
Yoav Peled

Department of Political Science

Tel Aviv University

Gabriel Piterberg

Department of History



6 May China and Japan: Counter-Hegemons?

Cosponsored with the Center for Japanese Studies and Center for Chinese Studies



“China and Japan: Where Are They Headed?”


Ian Buruma

Author of: Bad Elements: Chinese Rebels from Los Angeles to Beijing

Karel van Wolferen

Author of:

The Enigma of Japanese Power

William J. F. Jenner

Author of: The Tyranny of History: The Roots of China's Crisis


20 May East becoming West? The US and East Asian NICs

Co-sponsored with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies


Walden Bello

Visiting Scholar, Center for Southeast Asian Studies


Wu Yu-shan

Department of Political Science

Taiwan National University

Discussant: Chalmers Johnson, Author of: Blowback: the Costs and Consequences of American Empire


3 June The Great Divergence?: The Roots of Economic Development and Underdevelopment in China and Europe

Special Time 1:00-5:30 pm

Robert Brenner

Department of History


Cameron Campbell

Department of Sociology


Jack Goldstone

Department of Sociology

UC Davis


Philip Huang

Department of History



Chris Isett

Department of History

University of Minnesota


James Z. Lee

Department of History



Kenneth Pomeranz

Department of History

UC Irvine


Wang Feng

Department of Sociology

UC Irvine

Arthur Wolf

Department of Anthropology

Stanford University

Center Fellow 2002: Benjamin Schwarz, Senior Editor, Atlantic Monthly



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