UCLA Travel & Accounting Forms and Information

Travel Reimbursement Form
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A travel reimbursement form is required (no exceptions) for each travel reimbursement request.  You must fill out one form per each trip taken.  

Checklist for Payment to Foreign Visitors

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Starting point for paying foreign visitors (travel, consultant, or guest lecturer payments). Should be done on day one or prior to visit.

SSGS Requisition Form

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SSGS Requisition form is required for purchase of computers or equipment. Please complete the form and obtain proper signatures and submit to SSGS Accounting office. Click here for an excel version

Ordering Computers, Printers, Monitors

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UCLA has an agreement with KST Data for purchasing computer equipment and peripherals from major manufacturers of PCs, printers and monitors including Dell, HP, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic at substantial discounts. Choose and configure your computer products, and build an online quote at the KST Data website.

Sweet Spot Bundle Discounts
KST Data has Sweet Spot bundles of specially configured desktop and laptop computers from various manufacturers that offer the campus even greater discounts.

Purchasers can add features and modify these preferred configurations as needed, without losing the Sweet Spot discounts.

Mileage Reimbursement Form
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Mileage reimbursements may only be submitted for personal vehicles only.  Mileage rate is 57.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2015.  Complete the Mileage form and provide a justification for the trip and a copy of a MapQuest mileage print out with the total distance to (and from if applicable) the location of travel.  Please submit all mileage expenses on a monthly basis.

Entertainment Form
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 Use for food and refreshments purchased for project-related meetings or events. Submit this form with a statement of justification and original receipts to Joanne Yung. More...

W9 Form
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 Purchasing and Accounts Payable require that new vendors fax a signed W-9 form directly to a secure server, in order to get set up in the BruinBuy systemMore...

Wire Transfer form
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UCLA wire transfer setup form

Travel Advance
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Travel advances other than those obtained by using the T&E Card at an ATM are available on an exception basis only. Exceptional advances will be issued no more than seven days prior to a trip and will be issued to UCLA employees only via BruinBuy. More...

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UCLA Social Sciences Grant Support
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