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Sisupalgarh Project
The Sisupalgarh Project is a multiseason archaeological research project at the ancient city of Sisupalgarh in eastern India. Occupied from approximately the 3rd century B.C. to 4th century A.D., this urban area was surrounded by dramatic walls early in its occupation. Under a permit from the Government of India through their Archaeological Survey of India, this project consists of a systematic archaeological survey and mapping project to evaluate ancient economic organization, trade, and urban configurations.

Bhasu Vihara Project
The Bhasu Vihara Project is an international collaborative excavation of the Buddhist monastic site of Bhasu Vihara, which is located six kilometres north-west of the ancient walled city of Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh. This project was designed to evaluate rural domestic settlement associated with the dense urban core.

Kaundinyapura Project
Kaundinyapura is a small town-sized site of the Early Historic period (c. 3rd century BC-4th century AD) in Maharashtra State, India. Research there consisted of a systematic archaeological surface-survey, mapping, and collection project to examine the relationship of local households to regional and long-distance exchange.

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