Immigration, Urbanization, and Poverty

• 1879: Progress and Poverty, by Henry George, Author and Activist
• 1892: The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements, by Jane Addams, Activist and Reformer
• 1889: The Parable of the Coach, by Edward Bellamy, Author and Social Critic
• 1890: How the Other Half Lives, by Jacob Riis, Author and Social Critic
• January 1897: How Not to Better Social Conditions, by Theodore Roosevelt, Reformer,
     Author, and Future U.S. President
• 1897: Sanitary Conditions in New York, by George Waring, New York Street Commissioner
• 1904: Poverty, by Robert Hunter, Author and Activist
• 1910: Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure, by Emma Goldman, Anarchist and Activist
• 1912: Moving to a New Country, by Mary Antin, Author and Immigrant

Women's Suffrage

• 1874: Susan B. Anthony Goes on Trial, by the United States Circuit Court for New York
• 1895: Women's Right to the Ballot, by Amelia Bloomer, Feminist and Activist
• 1905: Why Women Should Vote, by Jane Addams, Activist and Reformer

Other Social Issues

• 1863: The Comstock Law, by the United States Congress
• December 28, 1900: The Escapades of Carrie Nation, from the Kansas Daily Capital
• 1910: Anarchism: What It Really Stands For, by Emma Goldman, Anarchist and Activist