My name is Professor Joan Waugh and I teach nineteenth century U.S. history here at UCLA. The above inspirational quote has been a favorite of mine for years, guiding my own teaching philosophy. This year, I have the pleasure of serving as the vice chair of undergraduate studies for our department. I invite students to become regular readers of "News from the Sixth Floor," and look forward to hearing comments from you on how we can improve our major to make your experience even more fulfilling and worthwhile.

     As a UCLA graduate, I have experienced just about everything this wonderful campus has to offer, and consider myself extremely fortunate to be a member of a world class faculty. From the time I taught my first undergraduate history class at UCLA twelve years ago, my goal has been to instill in my students a love and respect for history. This goal I know is shared by my colleagues and I am proud to be part of a university and a department that respects the art the craft of instruction, whether it is a large lecture class, in one of the small seminars (97 or 191), or sponsoring an honor's thesis.

     "News from the Sixth Floor" aims to inform you of the events, programs, classes, and other opportunities that come your way as a history major. We will strive to publicize the many honors, awards, and distinctions of our current students, but also highlight selected alumni as they attain positions in law, journalism, business, and public service. In short, our newsletter -- along with our website, twitter, Facebook, and e-mail blasts -- will keep you up to date on the latest and most interesting developments in our departmental offerings.

Professor Joan Waugh researches and writes researches and writes about nineteenth-century America, specializing in the Civil War and Reconstruction. She is author of Ulysses S. Grant: American Hero, American Myth and has been interviewed for many documentaries, including the PBS series, “American Experience” on Ulysses S. Grant first shown in 2002. Waugh teaches the “Civil War and Reconstruction,” and “America from 1865-1900” undergraduate lecture courses at UCLA. She has been honored with three prizes for her teaching, including UCLA’s “Distinguished Teaching Award.”

Have any questions about the major? Your progress? Course advice? Visit Paul in his office at Bunche 6248 located just across from the 6th floor elevators.

History is one of the most flexible and far-ranging fields of study. It is excellent preparation for a wide variety of fields -- law, teaching, business, public service, journalism, and even medicine. Increasingly, the professions and professional schools are looking for applicants who have broad interests and backgrounds, as well as analytical and verbal skills rather than narrow field specialization.

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Langdon, John
Introduction to Western Civilization: Ancient Civilizations, Prehistory to Circa A.D. 843
Mc Clendon, Muriel C.
Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843
to Circa 1715
Terrall, Mary
Introduction to History of Science: Scientific Revolution
Subrahmanyam, Sanjay
Introduction to Asian Civilizations: History of India
Luchembe, Chipasha
History of Africa to 1800
Goldman, Andrea
History of China: 1000 to 1950
Dubois, Ellen C.
History of the U.S. and Its Colonial Origins: 19th Century
Ruiz, Teofilo F.
Plato's Republic: Equality, Gender, and Freedom
Von Glahn, Richard
World History, circa 600 to 1760
HIST 21-10 (Registrar)
World History, circa 600 to 1760
Luckett, Matthew S
Movies, Memory, and Myth in American West
Abu-rish, Ziad Munif
History of State Formation in Modern Arab Middle East
Momdjian, Maran
Merchants and Cities in Early Modern Mediterranean
Gutfreund, Zevi Moses
Education and Social Justice in U.S.
Sanders, Carrie Marie
 Mediterranean History: Cross-Cultural Interactions
Variable Topics in European History: Russian Revolution
Jacoby, Russell
Variable Topics in European History: Genocide and
History: Case of European Jews in 1940s
Mc Clendon, Muriel C.
 Unsolved Mysteries of Early Modern European World
Stacey, Peter
Intellectual History and Early Modern
Political Theory
Taback, Naomi Johanna
Variable Topics in European History
Meranze, Michael
Variable Topics in U.S. History: F
Hirshberg, Lauren Beth
Variable Topics in U.S. History: War On? Tracing Narrative
Roots of U.S. National Security
Variable Topics in U.S. History: Capitalism and Democracy
in U.S. at Turn of 20th Century
Hernandez, Carlos Armando
Narco-mundo: How Narcotraficantes Gained
Control of Northern Mexico
Topics in World History: History of Indian Ocean
Aslanian, Sebouh
Topics in World History: Indian Ocean in World History
Wendrich, Willeke
Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Carter, Elizabeth
Morony, Michael G.
Survey of Middle East, 500 to Present: 1300 to 1700
Aslanian, Sebouh
Armenia from Cilician Kingdom through Periods of Foreign Domination and National Stirrings, 11th to 19th Centuries
Pirnazar, Nahid
Topics in Middle Eastern History: Modern
Phillips, David D.
History of Ancient Greece: Classical Period
Mellor, Ronald J.
History of Rome from Death of Caesar to Time of Constantine
Good, Leanne Marie
Medieval Europe, 400 to 1000
Sabean, David
History of Modern Europe: Baroque Culture and Absolutist Politics, 1600 to 1715
Jacoby, Russell
History of Modern Europe: Era of Total War, 1914 to 1945
Stacey, Peter
Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, 15th Century
Silverman, Debora
Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, 19th Century
Ford, Caroline C.
History of France: France, 1715 to 1871
Baldwin, Peter
20th-Century Germany

Berend, Ivan
Economic History of Europe, 20th Century

Urdank, Albion
Making of Modern Britain, 1715 to 1867
Yirush, Craig B.
Revolutionary America, 1760 to 1800
Waugh, Joan
U.S., Civil War and Reconstruction
Corey, Mary
20th-Century U.S. History since 1960
Avila, Eric R.
American Popular Culture
Rolston, Arthur
Constitutional History of U.S.: Origins and Development of Constitutionalism in U.S.
Salman, Michael
Critical Issues in U.S.-Philippine Relations
Lewis, Benjamin
History of Deaf Communities in America
Madley, Benjamin
North American Indian History, Precontact to 1830
HIST M151B (Registrar)
Gomez-quinones, Juan
History of Chicano Peoples
Avila, Eric R.
Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture
Aron, Stephen
American West
Vazquez-semadeni, Maria
Topics in Latin American History: 19th-Century Freemasonry in U.S. and Mexico
Summerhill, William
Brazil and Atlantic World, 1500 to 1822
Lydon, Ghislaine
History of West Africa: West Africa since 1800
Wong, R. Bin
Selected Topics in Chinese History from 1500
Japanese History: Modern, 1868 to Present
Green, Nile
Indo-Islamic Interactions, 700 to 1750
Robinson, Geoffrey
History of Southeast Asia: Early History of Southeast Asia
HIST M180B (Registrar)
Historical Perspectives on Gender and Science
Myers, David N.
European Jewry, 1881 to Present
Boustan, Ra'anan
Jewish Civilization: Encounter with Great World Cultures
Wilson, Karen
American Jewish Experience
Buccellati, Giorgio
Religions of Ancient Near East
Bartchy, Scott
Religious Environment of Early Christians
Waugh, Joan
Advanced Honors Seminars: Advanced Honors Seminar for History 139A, Lecture 1
Bartchy, Scott
Advanced Honors Seminars: Advanced Honors Seminar for History M186B, Lecture 1
Mellor, Ronald J.
Ancient History: Emperor Augustus
History -- Europe: Stalinism and Terror
Ford, Caroline C.
History -- Europe
Stevenson, Brenda
U.S. History
Dawson, Jessica
U.S. History
Desveaux, James Alexander
CAPPP Washington, DC, Research Seminars
Summerhill, William
Latin America: Latin America, Slavery, and Slave Trade, 1500 to 1888
Morony, Michael G.
Near East: Islamic Thought: First Four Centuries
Goldman, Andrea
East Asia: Family, Gender, and Sexuality in Early Modern and Modern China
Weiner, Dora B.
Science/Technology: Citizen-Patient in Historical and International Perspective*
Africa: Indian Ocean Africa
Green, Nile
Religion: Muslims, Saints, and Social History
Friedlander, Saul
Jewish History: Debates in Historiography of the Holocaust
Salman, Michael
History -- Southeast Asia
Subrahmanyam, Sanjay
History -- India: Mughals, Safavids, and Ottomans from 1500 to 1750

*Note from the editors:
Our Spring newsletter left out the following 2011-12 Honors Thesis Students:

Wadman, Alexandra. Constantine’s Choice: How the Pressures on The Late Roman Empire and the Development of Philosophical and Popular Christianity Influenced Constantine’s Endorsement of the Christian Church, 250-312 C.E. S. Scott Bartchy, Advisor
Highest Honors, noted for Scholarly Distinction

Lichterman, Jake. A Tragic Misinterpretation: Anti-Semitism and the New Testament. S. Scott Bartchy, Advisor

Those students interested in pursuing a rigorous academic research project may wish to explore the Department's Honors Thesis program. Students submit an application with an outline of their project, solicit faculty sponsorship, and embark on a three-quarter long process (beginning during Spring of their Junior year and ending Winter quarter of their senior year) of reading, research, and writing. Completing an Honors Thesis is a great opportunity to explore historical questions that most interest you, to connect with faculty members, and to produce an original piece of scholarship.


Thesis Prize
Benjamin Michael Steiner
“Building a Jewish Feminism: from Theory to Theology”
Advisor: Ellen DuBois

Short Paper
Brigid Olive Leahy
“Women in Ancient Egypt: Legal Equality through Economic Significance”


First Prize
Nicholas Primo
“They Reaped the Whirlwind. A Comparative Case Study of John Mosby’s 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion and William Quantrill’s Missouri Raiders as Examples of Guerrilla Warfare in the American Civil War”
Advisor: Joan Waugh

Second Prize
Zoe Rose Buonaiuto
“Oeil pour oeil: Simone de Beauvoir on Punishment in Postwar France”
Advisor: Lynn Hunt

Noted for Scholarly Distinction
Stephanie Kate Dyar
Joshua Evan Goldman
Ethan M. Scapellati
Kirk Daniel Sharma
Alexandra Marie Wadman
Jon William Zinke-Zagarella

Fall Quarter 2012 featured exciting talks such as "Inside an 18th Century Brothel", "Hobos in Heaven: Manifest Destiny and the Rise of Mass Incarceration in the American West, 1880-1910", and "The Life of a Graduate Student and Insider Tips to Students from a Furture Professor".

Speakers for our upcoming Winter and Spring programs will be announced at a future date.