Janice L. Reiff

Associate Professor, History & Statistics


email:    jreiff@ucla.edu

office:   9252 Bunche Hall, 825-5029


Fields of interest:  20th Century U. S.; Urbanization, Migration, and Work; Quantitative Methods; History and New Media

Jan Reiff received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1981. She worked at the Newberry Library, Northwestern University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Bremen before joining the UCLA faculty in 1992.

Prof. Reiff has published Structuring the Past: The Use of Computers in History (1992), edited, with Helen Hornbeck Tanner, Dirk Hoerder, Henry Dobyns, and John Long, The Settling of North America: The Atlas of the Great Migrations into North America from the Ice Age to the Present (1995) and, with James R. Grossman and Ann Durkin Keating, the prize-winning The Encyclopedia of Chicago (2004). The online version of the Encyclopedia of Chicago was launched in 2005 as joint project of the Chicago Historical Society, the Newberry Library, and Northwestern University. She has also published numerous articles on a variety of different topics. Currently, Prof. Reiff is finishing a manuscript tentatively entitled Industrial Towns, Suburban Dreams, Urban Realities: Pullman's Communities, 1880-1981.

Prof. Reiff teaches a variety of courses at UCLA. She is a member of the teaching staff for the "Sixties" GE cluster and has taught American social history, U.S. since 1960, the U.S. survey, and various undergraduate seminars about cities. Among the graduate seminars she has offered are U.S. Urban History, U.S. Since 1930, U.S. Social History, and Hypermedia and History.


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