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What is Praxis?

Praxis International (formerly The Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union) is based in the United States with a formal all-Russian juridical registration in Moscow. It was established in 1990 to help Western scholars to exploit the unprecedented research opportunities in the post-Soviet era. In the wake of the collapse of Russian governmental support of scholarly research and institutions, we also think it important to provide Russian scholars and institutions with a means by which to survive in the new era.

Each year, as many as 60 graduate and post-graduate scholars are placed in Russia through our programs. In addition, the Center administers the Russian Archive Project, a joint effort in collaboration between Western and Russian scholars to publish finding aids and guides to Russian archival collections.

Research Travel to Russia for Faculty and Independent Researchers

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CSRSU Coordinators:

J. Arch Getty, USA

Elena Sergeevna Drozdova, Russia