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B.A.           UCLA                         1961

M.A.          UCLA                         1988

Ph.D.        UCLA                         1996





Lecturer in History                       UCLA                               1996-Present


Historical Adviser                        The Education of             2000-2002

                                                      Max Bickford(CBS Series)


Historical Advisor                        Carnivale                          2002-2005

                                                      (HBO Series)   

Historical Advisor                        The Living Century          2000-Present

                                                      (PBS Educ. TV Series)


Historical Advisor                        Kent State                        1999




"The World Through A Monocle: Representations of Postwar American Culture in the New Yorker Magazine, 1945-1953."



The World Through A Monocle: The New Yorker Magazine at Mid-Century, Harvard University Press, (Spring, 1999).


"Daniel Coker, Co-Founder of the A.M.E. Church," American National Biography (Oxford University Press).


"Mixed Messages: Representations of Consumption and Anti-Consumption in the New Yorker Magazine, 1945-1953," American Periodicals, Volume 4, 1994.


"Irresolute Spirits: Drink and Drinking in the Postwar New Yorker Magazine." Dionysus: Journal of Culture and Addiction, Winter, 1997.


Review Essay: “Joe Gould’s Secret,” Journal of American History, December, 2000.


Review Essay: “The Comic World of Peter Arno, William Steig, Charles Addams and Saul Steinberg,” American Historical Review, 2006.



Co-creator of Celluloid Capitalism, (in collaboration with Mary Yeager, David Ansen & John Lithgow) 35 minute video for the Economic History Conference, 2000


Historical Commentary,  Our Man Flint, DVD, 2004


Historical Commentary, Platoon, DVD, 2005


Historical Commentary: The Longest Day, DVD, 2006


Historical Commentary,  Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, DVD, 2006


Historical Commentary, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, 2006


Historical Commentary, Declassified: The Tet Offensive,  The History Channel, 2006


Historical Commentary, Declassified: Radical America, The History Channel, 2006


Historical Commentary,  Los Angeles in the Sixties, The History Channel, 2006


Historical Commentary,  Houdini, The History Channel, 2007



Empire Burlesque: The Culture of Revolution In The United States,1966-1978.



French, Latin.



Distinguished Teaching Award                         1984

(Fashion Institute)


Mabel Wilson Richards Award                          1988-1989/ 1992-1993


Charles F. Scott Award                                      1988-1989/ 1989-1990/1992-1993


Jean Nidetch Dissertation Award                     1989-1990


UCLA Dissertation Award                                 1990-1991


Carey McWilliams Fellowship                           1991-1992


Hortense Fishbaugh Award                               1992-1993


UCLA School of Journalism Award                  1993-1994


Fashion Institute Scholar's Year Award            1993



California History

United States Since World War One (Social and Cultural)

Intellectual History of the United States Since 1865

United States Since 1865

United States, 1929-1945

United States Since 1945

American West

Studies in the Counter-Culture: America in The Sixties

History of the American Cinema

Gender Construction in the Hollywood Film (Seminar)

The United States at Twenty-Four Frames Per Second: The Postwar World Through Documentary Film (Seminar)

Postwar United States Through the Fiction Film (Seminar)

UCLA honors thesis seminar for history majors



August 1991, Pacific Branch of the American Historical Association, "Men and Women of Distinction: The New Yorker Magazine and the Meaning of Alcohol."


May, 1992, American Literature Association,"Mixed Messages: Representations of Consumption and Anti-Consumption in the New Yorker Magazine, 1945-1953."


February, 1993, Southern American Studies Association Biennial "All That We Are Not: Others and the New Yorker World, 1945-1953."


March, 1994, Smithsonian Institution, "A Stranger in the House: The New Yorker Culture and its Domestic Help."


February, 1996, Addiction and Culture Conference, The Claremont Graduate School, "Distinguishing Spirits: Changing Meanings of Drink in the Postwar New Yorker Magazine."


May, 1997, UCLA Colloquium, "Un-American Activities: Anti-Anti-Communism in the Postwar New Yorker."


September, 1998, The Clark Library, "Historical Explanations of Racial Inequality," Grand Crossings: A Symposium to Honor the Life and Work of Alexander Saxton.


August, 1999, PB/AHA, Maui, Hawaii, "A Fine Romance: White Radicals and the Black Panther Party."


September, 2000, Economic History Association Annual Meeting, “Celluloid Capitalism.” Discussant.


September 2005, American Studies Conference, Houston, Texas, “The Education of Mary F. Corey: The Historian and Television Consulting”.



Historians' News Service

Film Teacher's Association

Organization of American Historians

American Historical Association

Teachers For Social Responsibility

Representative on OAH Committee on The Position of Women in the Historical Profession

Member Western Association of Schools And Colleges Self-Study Committee (Fashion Institute)

American Studies Association



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