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The Armenian Genocide in Comparative Perspective
Partial List of Books and Microfilm in University Research Library

Excerpt from Dr. Hovannisian's Armenia on the Road to Independence 1918
Analysis of the Armenian Genocide

Dr. Hovannisian's Historical Memory and Armenian-Azerbaijani Relations
Analysis of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Relations

Real Media Video: Facing History and Ourselves
The Judgment of Adolph Eichmann

Dr. Hovannisian's Etiology and Sequalae of the Armenian Genocide
Genocide: Conceptual and Historical Dimensions

Interview with Dr. Richard G. Hovannisian by Tehran daily newspaper
The History of Armenia-Iran Relations

Historical Memory and Foreign Affairs
The Internal Politics of Eurasia

Armenian Studies at the University of Venice
The Padus - Araxes Association

World War I as the Defining Moment in Modern Armenian History
World War I as Remembered by the Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean

The Reality and Relevance of the Armenian Genocide
An Introduction to L'Actualité du Génocide des Arméniens. Paris: Edipol, 1999

An Introduction

Abstracts From the International Conference