I am always looking for new graduate students and undergraduates who are interested in research.  Please contact me if you’re interested.

Research Projects

Aeolian Processes in Landscape Change in Arid and Semiarid Areas
Biophysical Controls on Net Primary Productivity in Tibet

Current Research Projects

My research focuses on the geomorphology, soils, and vegetation of arid and semiarid lands at scales ranging from meters to regions. One theme that I emphasize in my research is aeolian geomorphology, due to its importance in understanding desert landscape dynamics and because dust emission from deserts produces mineral aerosols that strongly influence downwind ecosystems and impact the Earth’s climate. Another major theme of my research is the interaction between soils, vegetation, and climate in deserts. I conduct field and laboratory research and employ remote sensing and spatial modeling to understand fine-scale processes, meso-scale patterns, and global-scale Earth system interactions. My research program reflects my interest in fundamental questions of scale that transcend disciplinary boundaries: how do physical, chemical, and biological processes act across landscapes to produce observed environmental patterns and how, in turn, do these patterns modulate large-scale spatial and temporal interactions within the Earth system?

Plant-Soil Interactions in Savanna Ecosystems of Southern Africa

(with Caylor and D’Odorico)

Wind Erosion-Groundwater Feedbacks in the Owen’s Valley

(with Elmore)

Remote Sensing of Nonphotosynthetic Vegetation
Atmospheric Deposition and Global Nutrient Supply

(with GESAMP 38)

Modeling Connectivity and Landscape Change in Deserts

(with Jornada LTER personnel)

Imaging dust emission hotspots with LIDAR

(with De Wekker)

Fire-Climate Interactions in Savannas (with Caylor, D’Odorico, Scanlon, and Xue)