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Ivatan Proverbs
Source: Paul Rubino (external).

Ivatan (Chirin nu Ibatan) is a language spoken by 30,000 people on the Batanes Islands, north of Luzon Island, Philippines, and south of Taiwan.

Ipangudidi mu u mapya nanawu.
Carry with you good teaching, always bear in mind sound advice.

Arava u mayet an namaes u ryes.
There is no strong man when the sea is at its worst.

Arava u ryes a abu su vinyedi.
There is no current that does not bounce back.

Tumuhutuhud makaysed a tachi.
The feces that is dropped is sure comfort (consumated things are permanent).

Ulungen mu ava u kakedkeran mu.
Do not gore the peg where you are tied (do not forget your heritage).

Matakaw ava dimu u kasulivan.
Nobody can steal your knowledge.

Nyeng mu a hukbiten ta isek ni tatumuk.
Grasp the opportunity because the bed bugs will carry and hide them inside the floor.

Kanen mu ava u kakamay mu.
Do not eat your fingers (do not take advantage of your relatives).

Arava u susuhan da su vahay a mapsek.
No one burns the house of a good man.


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