UCLA Social communication lab


Welcome to the UCLA SoCom Lab.  We examine the production and perception of cues to identity.  We are particularly interested in how (and why) a variety of cues convey critical information to observers.  We examine this by looking at the perception of faces, bodies, and behaviors/interests.  We exploit a variety of methods including corneal-reflection eye-tracking, three dimensional motion capture, computer animation, mouse tracking, and facial electromyography.  Our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation (#1052896), The Department of Homeland Security, and the Placek Fund.

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Lab Director:  Kerri L. Johnson

Images depict: 6 of the bodies that have been used as stimuli in much of our previous research (upper right), a computer-rendered image of KJ (lower right), an image captured during corneal-reflection eye-tracking (lower center), and a portion of the cover art submitted to, but not used by, PNAS (left).

Kerri L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

University of California, Los Angeles

2330 Rolfe Hall

Los Angeles, CA  90095

Phone:  310.825.4199

Email:  kerri.johnson[at]ucla.edu