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April 2015

First year PhD student, Tran Dinh, recieves the NSF graduate fellowship! Congratulations Tran!

January 2015

Postdoctoral Scholar, Damian Murray, accepts position as Assistant Professor at Tulane University!

November 2014

Comedian Shane Mauss interviews Martie for his new podcast Here We Are. We talk about evolution, ovulation, and guinea pig jailbreaks.

Can your genes help you find a compatable mate? Interview on NPR's AirTalk.

September 2014

Evolutionary Biologist Rob Brooks digests conflicting meta-analyses and the Gildersleeve, Haselton, and Fales Reply to Commentaries in Psychological Bulletin

July 2014

Is postpartum depression a diease of modern civilization? Huffington Post article on Hahn-Holbrook & Haselton (2014). 

April 2014

Science Today interview about the social effects of human ovulation. 

February 2014

Psychological Bulletin publishes, Do women’s mate preferences shift across the ovulatory cycle?: A meta-analytic review (Gildersleeve, Haselton, & Fales, 2014). Press Release News coverage: USA Today, CBS News, Medical News Daily, Newsweek, Reddit

December 2013

Sex Differences in Sexual Regret in the news (Galperin, Haselton, Frederick, Poore, von Hippel, Gonzaga, & Buss, 2013): Reuters, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Science Daily, Slate, Yahoo News, Today On-line, New York Daily News,, The Australian 

July 2013

Kelly Gildersleeve wins the New Investigator Award from the Human Behavior and Evolution Society for her paper, Meta-analytic review of cycle shifts in women's mate preferences: Findings from complete set of 72 published and unpublished effects. Kelly also received the Hal Kelley Award for best student paper in Social Psychology at UCLA for this paper. Congrats Kelly! 

June 2013

New EMT paper with co-authors Dominic Johnson, Dan Blumstein, and James Fowler published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

May 2013

Postdoctoral Scholar Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook wins the UCLA Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research. Congrats Jen!

March 2013

Postdoctoral Scholar Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook's research in the news: family support during pregnancy predicts lower levels of stress hormone thought to lead to PPD.

Postdoctoral Scholar, Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook, accepts position as Assistant Professor in Health Psychology at Chapman University. Congrats Jen!

Lab Alumnus, Dave Frederick, named a rising star by the Association for Psychological Science.

November 2012

Martie gives a talk at La Ciudad de las Ideas, in Peubla Mexico. Video is posted here

October 2012

Christina Larson's new paper on Ovultion and Relationships with Martie Haselton, Kelly, Gildersleeve, and Elizabeth Pillsworth in the news.

—"When she says. 'It's not you, it's me,' it might really be you, UCLA study suggests" in the UCLA newsroom
—Print: Time, Times of London, Huffington Post,, Live Science, Prevention
—Times of London:

September 2011

Lab member Shimon Saphire-Bernstein's recent paper with Shelley Taylor in the news.

—"UCLA psychologists discover a gene's link to optimism, self-esteem" in the UCLA newsroom

August 2011

Lab Member Dr. Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook's research on breastfeeding and maternal aggression, published in Psychological Science, covered in the news.

—"Breastfeeding makes new mothers mama bears" on
—"The mama grizzlies: Why mothers who breast-feed are more aggressive at protecting their young than those that use the bottle" in Daily Mail

June 2011

Hear Martie discuss her recent paper with student Kelly Gildersleeve, Can men detect ovulation? published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, on KPCC Southern California Public Radio's The Madeline Brand Show

March 2011

Hear Martie and Jon Maner talk about scent, ovulation, and attraction on the NPR show On Point with Tom Ashbrook, "The scent of fertility: new research in evolutionary psychology and the science of attraction."

February 2011

Research by student Christina Larson on changes in women's feelings about their relationships and romantic partners across the ovulation cycle featured in New York Times article "The threatening scent of fertile women" by John Tierney

November/December 2010

Cell phone study with Debra Lieberman and Elizabeth Pillsworth, finding that women avoid their fathers when fertile, published in Psychological Science, covered in the New York Times and Time

—"Social science palooza" by David Brooks in the New York Times
—"Don't feel like calling dad? You may be ovulating" in Time Magazine

August 2010

Rapper Baba Brinkman features research on the ovulation cycle and women's sexuality in the song "She's ovulating" from the album, The Rap Guide to Human Nature

July 2010

Martie interviewed on ABC's The View about her research on love, dating, mating and sexual attraction

March 2009

Work from the lab featured in two science documentaries

—"The Science of Sex Appeal" aired on the Discovery Channel and described the biological bases for interpersonal attractions
—"What's the Problem with Nudity?" aired as part of the BBC's Horizon series and described social and biological processes related to the human body

July 2008

Hear Martie and Greg Bryant discuss their research on voices on "Life's Soundtrack" on BBC Radio4

December 2008

Work on vocal cues of ovulation featured in the article "The year in medicine" in Time Magazine

October/November 2008

Work on vocal cues of ovulation, published in Biology Letters, covered in print and on the radio

—Interview CBC radio's Quirks and Quarks show
—"Speaking up - women's voices rise in tune with fertility" in the Guardian
—"She talks like she's ovulating" in the LA Times

January 2008

Work with Elizabeth Pillsworth and Steve Gangestad featured in the article "Why We Love" in Time Magazine

Work with Gian Gonzaga on the science of love featured in the article "Romance is an illusion" by Carl Zimmer in Time Magazine

July 2007

Student Dave Frederick's research on women's attraction to muscular men, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin receives news coverage

—Article "Charles Atlas was right: Brawny guys get the girls" in USA Today
—Article "Lift more weights, find more mates" in UCLA Magazine

January 2007

Work on changes in women's clothing choice across the ovulation cycle featured in the article "Best dressed women have babies on their mind" in the New Scientist

November 2006

Error Management Theory featured in the article "Don't Misunderestimate Yourself" in the Economist

October 2006

Work on changes in women's choice of clothes across the ovulation cycle, published in Hormones and Behavior

—Diane Sawyer interviews Martie on Good Morning America
NPR's The Morning Edition
—Hear Martie's interview on Aussie Radio-3AW 693 Melbourne
—"Study links women's fashion sense to ovulation" in the Guardian
—"Research connects fertility, fashion" in the LA Times
—"Women dress to impress at their most fertile" in the Daily Mail

January 2006

See Diane Sawyer interview Martie on Good Morning America about her research with Dr. Steve Gangestad and student Elizabeth Pillsworth on changes in women's attractions across the ovulation cycle, published in Hormones and Behavior and Evolution and Human Behavior

—This research also featured in USA Today